1. prncesss

    I have four dogs and with each we tried something different…
    – take the dog out for a walk right after meals and if the dog is pacing
    – hang a bell by a string on whatever door you use to take the dog out and ring it everytime you take the dog out, eventually the dog will ring the bell whenever he/she wants to go out
    – use paper or “wee-wee” pads and slowly transfer them outside so that the dog learns where to go
    – if you have an older dog walk the puppy with the older dog; the puppy will watch the older dog and follow what he/she does
    no matter what you do always praise the dog afterwords by either petting him/her or giving him/her a treat

  2. misbehav

    I prefer to paper train first then once that’s down we move outside.But evan then papers are still put down just in case of the occasional accident.
    I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect any animal locked inside a house to hold it until I get there to let it out.After all,I use the restroom frequently all day where ever I am.So who am I to expect the dog not to have to go.
    It’s my job as their caretaker to provide for all their needs evan when I can’t be there to do so.
    Tossing a piece of plastic on the floor and covering with newspapers only takes a few minutes.But it takes a big weight off my shoulders when the boss says I have to work late or I’m sitting with someone at the hospital cos I know if the dogs absolutely have to they’ll use them.And I won’t come home to a disgusting mess.

  3. Stark

    I adopted a 1 year old dog about 3 weeks ago. When we got her she was NOT potty trained. What we did was set a schedule for her. We would take her outside to go potty first thing in the morning at 7:00am. Then at 9:00 am we would feed her and take her out again. Then feed her around 1:00 pm and take her out. Then take her out around 3:00pm, Then feed her and take her out around 6:00pm Then take her out again around 9:00pm, and again right before bed. Other than setting a shedule for her, we would keep our eye on her at ALL times while she was in the house. If she started sniffing or acting like she had to go, we would take her out. And there are going to be accidents at first, if you catch her in the act, immediately tell her NO, stop her, and take her out to finish going potty (never hit your dog, or rub their nose in it). If she had an accident when we did not see her, it is best to ignore it and clean it up, because you can’t really make a correction, they wouldn’t understand. And when she goes potty outside, make a BIG deal about it. Say GOOD DOG!! What a good girl!! And pet her and praise her. We also kept her in a crate at night and while we were gone, because we would not be able to watch her, and correct her if she were to have an accident. This has worked for us, Cadence is now potty trained, and has not had an accident in almost 2 weeks.
    I know that was long, but I hope this helps. Good Luck potty training your pup!

  4. carnival

    I have always taken my dogs out for a little “relief” right after a meal and immediately after any play sessions in the house. If they get hyper because companuy comes then take them out right away. Praise them whenever they do ANYTHING outside. My dog is 7 years old and she still looks up at me for praise when she poops outside.

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