I use Frontline plus on my 2 tiny dogs. It has always worked. I moved to louisiana. The fleas are out of control. Every time I take them out over ten fleas are on them and don’t seem to die or get off. I’m resorting to spraying them with Siphotrol after walks…that can’t be good


  1. DiDi G

    try useing garlic,you put garlic powder in there food 2 times a week and the fleas and ticks stay off I give it to my dog and she hasnt had a flea or tick in 5 yrs

  2. M.

    I was using frontline on my dogs also and it seemed like it stopped working. so I went to walmart and got the hartz kind and it worked great. now i wouldnt use if they are too young. my dogs are both over 1 year old. also my friend uses wintergreen and puts it all around the threshholds for the house and it kills fleas and apparently keeps them out. Also you can sprinkle some flea killer in your yard or do the wintergreen out there but that may be expensive. Hope this helps. Fleas are horrible. Oh also they say if you wash your dogs in dish detergent (Joy) it will kill them. Good Luck!

  3. druidwol

    switch to another drop the fleas are getting used to that brand…i use revolution….its for fleas ticks/ and worms too!!!! its great. go to deadfleaz.com to order it cheaper then at the local vet (depending on if your in the usa) they are really reliable ive used them for years.

  4. email continuity

    call your vet and see if maybe they should try something else. esp. for your tiny dogs.. the medication for fleas should work just fine.
    are you bathing them too frequently? do you wait for some time to pass after a bath to apply the flea medication?

  5. sexy

    try advantage, go to Joe’s pet med. com and order over the Internet it takes about 15 minutes to sign up, and about 2 to 3 days to arrive in your mail some flea dips are better than others in difference states good-luck

  6. My Evil Twin

    Advantage does the trick for our pets, though we have to re-apply every 30 days to keep the fleas at bay.

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