I have also tried the collar and the spot-on preventative. She is suffering. We sit and pick them off her, but they keep coming back. What’s up? Maybe a food additive, like garlic or something fleas don’t like?


  1. NinjenWV

    I don’t know what brands you are using, but here are my suggestions, it’s what works for me.
    I have four kitties and a Rottie and live in the country where they go inside and out at will. Never see a flea, I use revolution every month and treat my yard, just the acre right around the house, not the whole thing. I have never had much success with home remedies for consistent flea prevention. Shampoos and powders kill the fleas on them at the time but don’t repel more from jumping on. You should try frontline (over counter), or revolution (which usually requires a prescription), and be consistent, use it once a month.
    The eggs fall off and then hatch in your carpets, rugs, bedding, and furniture. You need to go to your local pet store and ask for a spray that is safe for use around your cat and spray the entire house, especially where the cats hang out, or try a bomb. I use Raid flea killer. Also, putting moth balls in your vacuum cleaner bag or canister will help to kill any eggs, fleas, or larva that are sucked up. Otherwise, they will hatch in the vacuum and crawl out later. If the pet goes outside you should also treat your yard. I use sevin dust. Apply just before a rain shower, or use a hose or sprinkler to wet the lawn immediately after application.
    If the infestation of the home is too bad you may see persistent fleas and need to treat more than once, or call a professional. I know it’s a lot of work, but once you’ve got them bad it can be expensive to fix. Also, once your cats are flea free, if they scratch a lot, then They may need to see the vet. They can develop a topical, or skin infection from digging themselves.
    Hope this helps! Best wishes.
    Flea collars should not be used with any other type of topical treatment such as frontline or revolution. Plus, they just don’t work well, and pose more health risks to the pet than to the fleas. Good luck to you

  2. NinjenWV

    You need to get an “on the spot preventative” from the vet. Over the counter brands are just not effective–especially with an outbreak.
    You will need to thoroughly clean with hot water and other treatments all of her bedding areas and places she may sit or frequent such as a chair or sofa.
    It is imperitive that you get it under control as soon as possible, which I realize that you are trying to do. Fleas spread diseases like the Bubonic Plague. Fleas were responsible this last summer for many deaths of dogs and cats and even a few people in the Rocky Mountain States due to their spreading the Plague.
    If she continues to be a host for fleas, as more wild animals go into hibernation for the winter, a domestic pet will become the only food source available and your chances of Plague or another horrible disease will skyrocket.
    I would consider consulting a vet who could tell you even more ways to rid yourself and your pet of the problem.

  3. jenn

    There’s this flea medicine called Advantage. It’s awesome! You just put a little all the way down your animals back and you can see the fleas just falling off dead. Just be careful because they do literally just fall off. Make sure, however, you get the one from the vet, not from Wal-Mart because it doesn’t work nearly as well. Good Luck!

  4. Hookless Shower Curtain

    First, treat the pet with Capstar. This is a pill that you get from the vet that will kill all of the fleas that get on the animal for the first 24 hours. Second, use either Frontline or Advantage, these can also be purchased from the vet. Frontline can be used on pets 12 weeks old or older. Advantage can be used on animals as young as 6 weeks. If the pet is old enough for either product, switch back and forth between the two. One month use one, the next use the other. The reason I recommend this is that there are two main types of fleas that infest pets. One product works better on the first type and the other product works better on the second type. By using both, you make sure you have covered all your bases.
    Once the pet has been treated, you must treat your home and yard. The best products to do this would include not only a killing agent, but also a sterilization agent. Inside, I would use Ultracide, if you can get it. (Many on line sites sell it, including e-Bay.) Follow the instructions on the label! Wash all animal’s bedding and vacuum frequently. Throw out the vacuum bag or dump the catch container after every vacuuming. Also, put a flea collar in the bag or catch container, this will help you kill any fleas that you vacuum up. You can never vacuum too much! DO NOT STEAM CLEAN YOUR RUGS! This is a big one! This can hatch flea eggs and make your problem worse.
    Outside I would use Demon WP mixed with Gentrol or Nylar, carefully following label instructions. Treat the entire yard, paying special attention to under bushes and low hanging branches. Most of these products can be bought at any Do-It-Yourself Pest Control company either on line or in a store.
    Treating your house and yard is just as important as treating the pet!
    It is also very important to stay away from the grocery store or box store products like Zodiac or Hartz. Many of these products can cause severe allergic reactions in animals

  5. Shepherdgirl §

    The Frontline and Capstar answer was the best…. but along with this, you can have a professional exterminator do your house and yard for a very reasonable fee and you don’t have to get the house covered and all that.. Just call around your area and tell them your problem and ask about it. Of course, your pet needs to be treated and kept at the vet or somewhere safe and comfortable for the day when the exterminator comes until several hours have passes after treating as the sprays they use need to be completely dry before bringing your pet back in.
    . Flea bombs just piss off the fleas and it never seems to do the job, so don’t waste any more money on those.
    Once you get rid of the fleas completely, I recommend not treating for fleas on a monthly basis, but just keeping an eye on things in case your pup picks up some more. At the first flea, treat with -the Frontline again as long as it’s been at least a month.
    This has always been our m.o. and we have 4 cats and a dog. When we get an infestation of even just a couple of fleas, we start with the frontline and usually nip the problem before it gets to the point of having to call the exterminator.

  6. marcy p

    You need to treat your yard and your dog at the same time. A one dose of advantage was $12 for me I have a chihuahua and I also got this Bayer stuff from home depot- the people there will help you it is safe for doggy and works great like $8

  7. jsfnita

    you need to treat your home, your yard, and your “little girl”. you need to change her heart worm medicine over to a product that also breake the flea cycle. then you need to treat the house with a bug bomb or something. then you have to treat the yard in some way.
    i would make an appointment with the vet and do as the vet sez. just bight the bullet and spend the money!
    i was just in a flea infested enviironment for some people i was doing some work for and house sitting while they were out of town. it was horrible! you really need to deal with this problem!

  8. james k

    First you should have your house professionally bombed….Thats when they put a tent over your house and fumagate it from the inside out….Then you can do the little nothings that will keep them off your dog….A doggy bed with cedar chippings helps alot….Even a flea collar with a pouch of cedar around his or her neck will help….You must live in a warm enviorment because cold will usually kill the fleas….May be they are sand fleas….Do you have sandy property?Ask your vet they can uaually help….

  9. kennypre

    Spring for the stuff the vet sells. Frontline-plus or Revolution. Also get some Capstar, it’s an oral pill that will kill all the fleas on her but it only lasts 24 hours. Use Frontline and Capstar at the same time, the Frontline will be working when the Capstar wears off. Frontline-plus for 4 consecutive months will kill all life stages, guaranteed by the manufacturer. Don’t need to do anything else to the house or the dog. Make sure you put it on her when she is totally dry, it won’t work right on a wet dog.
    And avoid garlic, it’s toxic to dogs.

  10. Pamela B

    Collars do not work – get it off your cat, they’re sometimes harmful. What spot-ons have you tried, there are many different ones – and none from pet stores work!
    Stop overloading the cat with products, and stop wasting your money on pet store treatments. Go to a vet and pick up some Frontline, Revolution, Advantage or Advocate. Recommend Frontline Plus. Get it on your cat’s skin, not her fur – it works and is safe. You will probably need to spray your house as well.

  11. Chalice

    You have to get rid of them everywhere. Try a flea bath since the spot on shouldn’t be redone for 30 days. Get everyone and everything live out of the house and flea bomb. Buy the spray or bomb from the vet. It’s better stuff. Some of the store bought stuff only stuns them. You probably need to spray your yard too. Vet has spray for this. Wash all bedding in hot water and dry in dryer.
    After they are gone, you can keep them away with Advantage which you purchase from a vet.
    I don’t like to use the collar. It’s toxic. Don’t like the kill sprays either but you have to get rid of the fleas in order to be able to use a less chemical approach. You obviously love her and want to help her very much to be hand picking off the fleas.

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