1. maamu

    I have been a landlord for 30 years. I have ran into/cleaned up about everything possible. LOL
    This year, however, the problem was at my own house.
    My son’s outside Rottweiler was brought in my house and he brought his fleas with him. I have had dogs for years and never experienced fleas in my home before. This was incredible…and not in a good way.
    I tried the bombs. No improvement. More bombs..still fleas. So then I went to searching the web.
    I read about Borax (in the laundry aisle of the supermarket). Sprinke it on your carpet and let it stand for as long as possible. I also read about table salt and also sprinkling that on the carpet and letting it stand. So I did both at the same time. I put it down at night, tiptoed around the next morning to get ready for work and let it set that day too. I then came home and vacuumed.
    By now I was too nuts to just wait and see if that worked by itself. So I bought some bug spray called TAT–real cheap stuff, available at the dollar store. It stated it killed fleas. So now that the carpet was nice and clean, I sprayed all the carpeting with TAT. I then took my little dog and stayed out of the house until the spray dried on the carpet (about 2 hours).
    This process worked. I am not sure if it was the Borax, the salt, or the TAT insecticide, but those nasty little creatures are now in flea heaven. By the way, the 3 punch round of Borax, salt, and TAT costs less than just ONE of the bomb treatements (that didn’t work anyway).
    You have to remember to vaccum everyday though, even after it seems the last flea has disappeared. The eggs are tough to kill, so they must be vaccumed, and vacuumed, and vaccumed. The Borax/salt/TAT didn’t affect my little 4 pound dog, who cleans herself like a cat. But it certainly affected the fleas. Flea free now for 40 days!

  2. Kaye B

    do not waste money on “bombs” they will only kill the live fleas. u need to kill live and the next lot from the already laid eggs. Inside the house sprinkle salt ( POOL SALT IS CHEAPEST) all around the floors carpets every where, outside if they are a problem cover the areas with garden lime. after 10 days repeat this to kill the newly hatched. May take 3 treatments but is the cheapest and most effective way to fully remove a flea infestion.

  3. debbie22

    I have rentals…..sometimes the fleas are so bad you cannot get within 15 feet of the house without being covered in them.
    1st thing….put on protective long clothing…wrap duct tape around your pants legs and sleeves…wear gloves taped at wrists….spray yourself when you leave the house as not to bring them in your car or home…..
    2nd thing….get a bomb per room and go in and set them off….wait a day and do it again
    wait a week and do it again….fleas hatch in less than a week…you want to kill the newly hatched ones.
    The facts are as long as you have animals in the house the fleas stay on them….if you take the animal away the fleas in the carpet think they are going extinct and reproduce at an alarming speed.
    Once the bombs kill the majority of fleas either get an exterminator for a thorough job or get a spray for fleas and spray the house every day.
    I opted for the exterminator to do it all…bombs and all …because fleas and ticks are very hard to kill and the guy has to keep coming out for free as long as I see fleas..costs about $75
    to check for fleas have sheets of white paper with you or a white sheet..lay it on the floor and the fleas will jump on it…..if you get bit by fleas you could get a very bad disease…so let the proffessionals handle it.

  4. Tigger

    I used borax and a vacuum cleaner to get rid of fleas, and washed my curtains and bedding. The thing with the vacuum is that you have to every day for at least two weeks to make sure you got all of the fleas.
    Incidentally, I found that powdered laundry detergent kills fleas too.

  5. swarovski rhinestones

    Go to the hardware store or Wal-Mart where insecticides are sold and ask for a “bomb”. Fumigate the house while being gone overnight. Be sure to have all cookies, cake and the like in Tupperware first.
    This is a fraction of the cost of hiring EcoLab

  6. jeannie_

    my kids bought home a kitten fleas….i set off a few cant go in there for i think it was 4 hours then you air the place out read the can…good luck..

  7. SmileSxD

    (well Fleas sucks)
    u can try to kill them 1 by 1 if u have a minor flea problem with and any spray (I used airwick)…try to where light clothes and don’t try the finger smash cause they r to small. to get them of ya body smack at them twice cause they tend to jump on a different part of ya body (if u smack once) fleas from the carpet go to ur ankles first so0 check ur socks and check where ur socks end at..( I wore Stocking so they don’t bite my legs if u where baby oil u can feel them jump on u )
    to kill a large amount u need a bomb or something I don’t know how to kill a lot of them

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