I just got a new puppy and I want to teach her some tricks, but this is my first dog in 8 years and the first dog I want to teach tricks to. So, how do I start? Plus, she bites like CRAZY!!! She goes really hyper 70 to 80% of the time. (She is a miniature Schnauzer)


  1. Elly

    Your puppy is very young so she is curious about the environment. Dogs don’t have hands like we do, so they learn through their mouth. The best way to teach a young dog is through the use of positive reinforcement techniques. Here are some things to try:
    1. Redirect your puppy onto a chew toy
    If she is biting on something she shouldn’t, non-mark her (No/ack, ack) and put a toy in her mouth. You don’t need to shove it in, just put it there for her to bite on.
    2. Hand-feed her
    You can try and teach her some bite inhibition. Hand-feed her some kibble one by one. If she bites too hard while trying to get at her food, yelp in a high pitch, and ignore her for a few seconds. Then start feeding her again. This way she learns that biting hard can hurt humans and when she does that, the food and attention stops. Hand-feeding is also good for bonding and establishing your leadership.
    3. If she continues her bad biting behavior and escalates it even after you have told her to stop, then say “timeout” and remove her to a time-out area (boring but safe room, e.g. laundry room). This way she learns that when she bites, she no longer gets to be with people.
    4. If she is just biting on furniture, and other household objects, you can spray bitter apple on them.
    Also follow the NILIF program and do short obedience training sessions (10-15 minutes) everyday. Start with the “sit” command. Get a small treat and put it close to her muzzle so she knows you have it. Then lift the treat straight up. This will make your dog want to follow the treat with her head, causing the head to go up and the butt to go down into a sit. As soon as that happens, say “Yes!” and treat and praise her very well. Keep repeating this every day and soon she will get it and you can phase out the hand movement and just do the voice.

  2. jammy

    Hi. I think you should start with the basic commands like sit, come, stay, etc. These are easier than other tricks. It really matters to start in simple training for in the future your dog will gradually learn the harder commands. It is a step-by-step process that requires great patience and more practice in order for her to master everything. For more effective ways of training, you can check out the link below:http://dogtime.com/basic-commands-obedie…

  3. Erica R

    When she nips at you, squeal really loud and it will make her stop because it will distract her. She’ll learn to put the biting action together with that uncomfortable noise and she will stop doing it. Squealing is also how puppies and their litter mates communicate pain, so this also is a good reason why it will work.
    Schnauzers need lots of exercise, and should be taken out to potty at least every 3 hours during their puppy months. Mostly it’s most effective if as soon as they finish eating/drinking you take them out for a squat. They begin to learn very easily and quickly with this method.
    It would also be advisable once you get this basic training finished to buy a small training clicker (usually only a few dollars at a pet shop). The clicker works the same way as the squealing. It’s a distracting noise, but this time after she corrects her actions to listen to you after she hears the clicker, she should be given a treat…that way she puts the noise of the clicker together with a good reward, and she will soon thereafter not need to hear the clicker in order to do a command.
    Hope this is enough help to get you started. Good luck! :o)

  4. tenroufa

    First everytime she bites you,tell her to stop.Biting isnt permitted!
    Then teach her to sit and stay,all ways start with bascis and those commands are very useful.
    Puppy training classes are allways helpful too and theres a show on TV called the Dog Whisperer,you can always pick up tips and tricks from there.

  5. Petco Associate

    Puppies are always like that. Enjoy that craziness while you can. (I really wish that someone told me this before. Because now, my lab/pit bull mix is so mellow.).
    Play with her lots. Teach her not to bite at first by ignoring her or going to another room every time you feel her teeth.
    Then teach her “her name.” Every time you say her name, she looks at you. Then teach her sit. Then down. Then walk on leash.
    Then teach her stay. And after that, teach her all sorts of cool tricks like (take it, leave it, shake, bang bang, etc.)
    btw, your puppy will naturally grow out of the hyper-ness, but the important thing is to teach her NOT TO BITE or else it can become aggressive. Around 5 months old, take her to the dog park. In the meanwhile, take her outside but don’t introduce her to mean dogs. Just let her observe everything.

  6. Illumina

    you have to take her to a specialist for that.
    if the dog bites like crazy, you really need to stop that before she gets older and does it to anyone including you.
    if you want a dog that does tricks, you need a friendly puppy first.
    give her treats everytime she does something right.

  7. Mayuki -

    I have miniature schnauzer too, but luckily she’s very calm ;D on topic, you should get a special book about dogs training, they will help you a lot , since your dog is a bit harder to train since he’s hyper ;]

  8. !*! animal crazy !*!

    Get her into a puppy class ASAP. It is important for proper training as well as socialization. Make sure you get her some treats to work with because most dogs will do anything for a treat.

  9. Itachi Uchiha

    show he a treat and tell him what to do,
    then when he does it give him the treat
    if he doesnt do it put the treat away

  10. Cauc

    he has to trust u
    make him do the moves
    n for every correct move give him lil food like a bite or somthing

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