Im 13 and I tried to potty train my dog but he peed where I wanted him to pee for only 1 week now hes starting to pee everywhere again. I need a trainer that is good at potty training dogs.


  1. Pinklimo

    first be sure to have him on a feeding schedule.. then you will know when he has to potty.
    dante gets breakfast at 7 and a drink.. then i pick everything up for the day.. then dinner at 6 with a drink. i pick up his water around 8 and listen to see if he drinks anymore. when he drinks, just take him out to potty a few minutes later.
    after he goes, give him lots of hoorays and hugs adn scratches… then he knows he did a good job.
    also, be sure to clean up the old potty spots in the house reallly good. then he cant smell where he went and think its ok to go there again.
    good luck!

  2. lovepets

    YOU need to attend training with your dog…the dog is not the only one who needs training.

  3. kst

    You need consistent training. It sounds like you thought he had it down and learned to only pee in a certain spot so you stopped training him. Training, potty training especially, takes consistency, consistency, consistency! Train him every day for at least a month, rewarding when he pees where he is supposed to, correcting him when he pees where you don’t want him to, until it is almost engraved into his brain.
    I don’t think it requires a dog trainer to potty train. It’s really not that hard, get some books on training a puppy, read about potty training and train him constantly. Reward whenever he pees where you want him to. However, if he isn’t potty trained by the time he is five months old, then would be the time to call a trainer, or possibly a vet just to make sure he isn’t incontinent or anything.
    Good luck!

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