I recently rearranged my room in the beginning of March and just had this flea problem in the middle of April. I don’t know where they came from, but whenever I stand in my room for a good minute, I get little black fleas on my lower legs. My little sister has a mild reaction on her legs, but my legs are fine. When I looked on the floor, it seems like they live in my shoes under my bed. There are no fleas anywhere else, and thank goodness they are not in my clothes or bed.


  1. redgriff

    It is Flea Season and you have been hit by a swarm. If you have pets go to your Vet and buy something to fight fleas that they have. Follow directions to apply to your pets. After that clean your home thoroughly run a vacuum cleaner over the floor 2 or 3 time changing the bag each time outside. Spread Borax on the carpet and work it in with a rake after 30 minutes vacuum the floor again.
    At the same time wash your bed linens and clothes in detergent and borax. The Borax will kill any flea eggs that you miss and stop the fleas from entering your house.
    Now go to the home center in your neighborhood and buy some beneficial nematodes. and spread them around any planting beds or planters near the doors to your house. These will kill all the eggs the are in the Garden. In about 24 hours you will see a decrease in fleas. By the end of 18 Hours there will be no fleas in your home.
    Of course this is the way to kill the Fleas without chemicals. To do it the other way go to your market and buy an anti flea fogger and some Raid Flea Spray Go home and use per instructions and in about 6 Hours all the fleas will be dead. Oh and spray an insecticide on your plants to kill the eggs in the garden.
    I’ve raised cats for the last 30 Years I know how to get rid of fleas..

  2. Karen L

    The eggs hang around until the conditions are right for hatching, and warm weather is one of the conditions. They will also hatch under pressure, such as when you walk on a place where they are, so moving the furniture probably exposed eggs that weren’t getting walked on before. You didn’t say if you have pets. If so, the best way is to go to the vet and get treatment for the pets.

  3. Fisherma

    Lynn google diatamaceous earth and learn about a completely non toxic way to kill those blood suckers

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