They are indoor cats. The fleas came from a cat tree we bought from a store (had for 1 1/2 months). Didn’t realize it was the source until a week ago. All responses are appreciated!


  1. Poppy

    Advantage, frontline or revolution. These are applied to the cats skin behind the neck and will stop adult fleas and eggs. You will need to treat the entire house for fleas as well. Wash the cats bedding with a disinfectant and get a flea treatment spray so you can treat the cat tree.
    EDIT: If you use a topical flea treatment like revolutiion you DO NOT need to also use a flea collar. It is possible to over-treat an animal for fleas and this can have dire consequences. If you decide on a topical, only use the topical – further treatment on the cat is not necessary. Equally if you decide on a flea collar, only use the flea collar (flea collars are toxic and will not work as effectively as the topical treatments).
    EDIT no 2: Topical treatments are a complete treatment and you will not need to also bath the cats.

  2. ~♡~julie

    Advantage or Frontline…Best two brands…they are under 25$ dont meess with cheap crap…they will INVAID your home! Belive me!

  3. crazedch

    As far as treating your cats, I must agree with the other answers in using Frontline or Advantage. I don’t know if your house is infested with the fleas or not. I would treat the animals first and then spread Seven Dust on the carpets or rugs, depending on what you have. I would leave it for a couple hours. It’s the consistency of carpet deoderizer. Once it sets for awhile, just vacuum as normal. That kills the fleas and eggs that have already embedded in the carpets. I hope that this helps. I had a flea infestation so bad once that as soon as my feet hit the floor, I had about fifty fleas on me. Seven Dust works wonders for the house itself.

  4. Radio Rich

    Go to your nearest pet stor eand pick up Frontline Plus. That stuff is great. It’s a bit expensive, but it really wipes out the fleas.

  5. Erica!!

    there are great shampoos that get rid of fleas. You can buy them at any pet store or I’m sure Walmart would have some in the pet section, a bottle is only $10 or so. My cat had fleas and we had to wash him. He didn’t enjoy it so much at the time but he’s flea free now & so soft! That’s the best way to get rid of fleas, and after you wash your cats there are sprays and things to continually put on them to prevent them from returning.

  6. phoenix seo

    Be sure that you flea bomb your house (board all animals or put them outside) to get rid of all the fleas. Initiate a monthly flea treatment for your cats, either Advantix or Frontline is good (I actually buy mine off of eBay to save on vet bills). If you’re unsure of which to get, a trip to the vet is the best bet. Bathe them regularly with a flea shampoo to ensure that you’re completely covered.

  7. ͏҉ ßõhrçmrïñsÿ★

    Advantage or Frontline probably would help right away….Also I have had the best of luck with those really really cheap 97 cent flea collars at WalMart but not with the more expensive ones.I would recommend treating both ways.Also you will want to buy some kind of home treatment as well (fogger, carpet sprinkle stuff, spray, etc) and treat all areas of the house…..esp carpets, main pet areas and baseboards. Also wash all bedding.

  8. Geeta K

    The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at

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