1. Nikki 7

    Well there is a few different pills out there, but the one that my pup has been on is called revolution. It works great for fleas, egg’s, ticks, and heart worms!

  2. elyssett

    My cat used to take something called the Program. It was for dogs too I think. It makes any fleas that bite the animal sterile, so that they multiply less and less, eventually getting rid of them. The cat stayed inside though, so she wasn’t getting any more fleas after that. After a while she didn’t have to take it any more.
    With your dog it will keep getting fleas from outside, but the pill should work to keep them under control.

  3. pittieki

    Capstar is a pill we give to dogs with flea infestations. It only works on fleas. There’s also one called Program that I believe is monthly. I don’t believe it handles ticks. You should probably use a topical flea/tick preventative instead. The pills only kill adult fleas or interrupt their life cycle. Any other fleas that are about to hatch will still hatch and be on your dog. The topical will keep working on those new fleas until none are left.


    frontline plus is a topical once a month treatment for fleas and ticks.. and it does not need a prescription

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