I have a 1 wk old son and when my mom came to visit for his birth she brought her dog… who in turn brought us fleas! Our house is now infested and it’s driving me crazy. All of the foggers that I’ve seen would be way too dangerous to use in his area. We really can’t afford to hire a professional. Any ideas?


  1. ♥♥♥♥♥

    I have always heard sprinkling table salt down on the carpet for a few hours and then vaccuuming it up. I know that you can also do this with moth balls but I am not sure it works. Good luck. Its worth a try.

  2. lindaang

    I would ask your pediatrician what is safe. I know there’s some powders that you can buy at Home Depot and OSH. You don’t mention if you have other children or pets. But the powders work great. And they kill the eggs too.If you plan on using a fogger I would move the baby’s stuff out like his crib. But just be sure to wash his belongings really well and wipe down all the surfaces really well too. Maybe even try calling a pro just to get some advice. good Luck.

  3. ethansmo

    UGh. Scary. Many flea related products have now been associated with autism in children (what isn’t?). I’d be very careful with my selection of products. Make certain they don’t contain pyrethrin. If it doesn’t….I’d still take every precaution. Take ALL his toys out and bag them up. Anything he chews on. I’d also have the carpets and floors cleaned afterward since he’ll be lying on them and crawling in just a few months. Sounds expensive.

  4. Ember Halo

    i had the same prob when my LO was first born…
    we tried a bunch of different home remedies (ie, borax & endless vaccuuming, carpet powders, etc) none of which worked & many of which were a huge hassle & made a big mess.
    we called around to local exterminators, and found one that had non-toxic “green” sprays that could be used when you have an infant. they were rather reasonable for the effectiveness–$120 for inside & out–guaranteed for a month, and $35 for maintenance after that (optional on month to month basis).
    IMO, it was worth it!! it did wonders.

  5. toysoldi

    The best thing to do is go on vacation, and bug bomb the house. Then when you come back, WASH EVERYTHING IN HOT (hotter than the hottest star) WATER!!!! If your baby has FLEAS ON HIM, wash him in DISH SOAP. It is the most gentle thing you can possibly use.

  6. Jillian ~*Cohen's mummy*~

    we had a big problem with ants when my son was tiny, our landlord called an all organic bug company that was perfectly safe for us, and we havent had the problem since. frontline your animals if you have any and vacuum very well. try calling a place or a vet for help

  7. Mystical Fire Mom 83

    check with your peds to see if there is a special baby wash to use to get rid of them, and then if you can aforrd it, go spend time in a hotel or at a friends whos pets free and bomb the house, and then air it out so it wont harm the baby

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