$60.00 to $100.00 for a 6 week course, with a guarantee that they will help if you have additional concerns afterwards.


  1. Rotten Rotts

    My mum runs a Kennel Club registered dog training club in the UK and we charge £10 on the first night (£7 yearly membership and £3 for the nights training), the courses are 10 weeks and its £3 a night, so the total for a 10 week beginners course is £37.
    We are one of the cheapest clubs, but we know of some which charge up to £10 a night, and for private one-to-one training it will probably be a hell of a lot more.

  2. Free Wordpress Plugins

    I live in the UK and am an Ex Forces dog trainer and handler. I have helped out at a local training class with my dog GSD and I think they used to charge around £3 an hour. I did give up in theend as my training methods were different to the organiser. Now I just concentrate on my own dog and help freinds out with theres for nothing..

  3. Mr Big L

    I paid $109 to take my bullmastiff to classes at PetSmart.
    I wish I would have spent the extra $30 and went to the local trainer down the road from me.
    Our PetSmart class is PACKED…about 15 dogs for a 1 hour session (1 class/week for 8 weeks).
    We get little or NO one on one help.
    These are more like information classes for the owners rather than training your dog.
    I am learning a lot, but it’s nothing that I couldn’t have read for myself online.
    But, you get what you pay for.

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