When a dog is trained as a guard dog that lets criminals in but prevents them from leaving the premises – what kind of training is that and is there a description given for the dog too?


  1. Loki my springer!

    It is very POSSIBLE to train a dog into such method. In fact, I’ve heard from a couple of trainers whom have actually done this amongst the K9 UNIT. One fellow had his dog trained to bark once a certain perimeter had been passed, keeping in mind, there was no front fence towards the house.
    It’s a very affective trap, for those intruders willing to make an entrance!
    I’m not too sure what the training style is actually called, but it can be be done!
    It depends on how you want to train the dog, and you can do teach in more ways than one…Sometimes the dog will fake a sleep, and surround the door one the criminal makes the entrance. Interesting stuff.

  2. glendawr

    I believe that you may have misinterpreted what you heard about these dogs. These are what you might call ”passive guard dogs” and they don’t actually ‘let’ criminals onto your property. But if a criminal does get in before the dog is aware of his intentions he won’t be leaving unless he kills the dog. Only the owner and Police can intervene on his behalf.
    While on the property the criminal will find that he has a new friend; the dog won’t attack but it will follow him everywhere until he tries to leave. That’s when he will find himself with a very aggressive dog. The dog will block every exit that the criminal tries to use but will not attack unless the criminal actually tries for the door.
    Read about this years ago and there is a breed of dog that is very easy to train this way. Can’t remember what the breed was though; sorry.

  3. korinkoj

    You can’t train a dog to do that. If a guard dog sees or smells an intruder, they will attack/ward off the intruder. Its possible the intruder could sneak past the dog and be caught on the way out, but you can’t train a dog to have certain exceptions when it comes to intruders. They aren’t able to make decisions that in depth.

  4. KellyO

    Guard dogs are trained to deter criminals from entering the premises. Never heard of one that invites them in. They would have to break a window or jimmy open a door lock to get in – why let them do that?

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