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    They are perfectly legal. Talk to your neighbor; if they don’t listen, there’s not much you can do. You could complain to the police about the yelps, and say you’re being disturbed. The training collars, if used correctly are wonderful. They can help train your dog, and they can be very helpful when “no no” isn’t working. They are probably the most effective way to teach your dog.. But if used as abuse tools, then they’re cruel. If you think your neighbors dog is being abused, I’m sure there’s alot of animal worshippers out there who’d put that man in jail for using such a thing.. I don’t agree; however if he’s really being abusive, he should have the dog taken away from him.

  2. widow_pu

    Vile barbaric things….they do a friendlier version which is using compressed air and just blows a puff at them via the collar as opposed to shocking the life out the poor thing…should be banned….why not try contacting the RSPCA and voice your concerns, ask them for advice. It is horrible but as far as I am aware still legal though why I do not know… I wonder if your neighbour had one round his neck and felt how the shock feels whether he would still be willing to subject his dog to this horrible torture….what purpose is he using it for???Sad pathetic loser

  3. Kelly B

    I think they are in the process of being banned but I’m afraid until they are there is little you can do, I would call the RSPCA though as the new animal rights bill has just come out so they might have new powers to stop him or my be able to educate him a little more.

  4. SMILE !!!

    if u really think the dog is in danger call the humain society they can give u advice or come to help.

  5. Dogs Rock!

    I think they are awful and i think that your neighbour is using it in a very cruel way. The RSPCA would be your best bet. They can have a word and investigate if necessary.

  6. jos :)

    the owner controls the amount of shock, so mabye tell him that, it is too strong. yes they are legal, but if the dog seems in pain, call the animal control or whoever and ask what needs to be done about it.

  7. ghost_hi

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  8. CourtCou

    They’re not illegal, but yeah I think it’s cruel to. I hate it cause it seems like the dogs are really getting electricuted. That’s terrible. Maybe you could talk to the owner or something. Does he use it a lot on his dog? Well if so, thats just mean. If u bring a dog outside u don’t shock it, u put it on a leash.

  9. xxAnimal

    it is soo cruel!!!!
    unfortunately it is legal i feel so sorry for that dog =(
    u could sneak in to the dog and take it off him i would=)
    or report him for cruelty to animals but i don’t think ur compalint will do any thing
    hope i helped!!

  10. Extra Ordinary

    if the owner is continuously correcting the dog so much that you can reasonably argue that the dog is causing a NOISE DISTURBANCE(i think you need 1 directly adjacent neighbor to complain or at least 2 indirect neighbors) you can then file a noise complaint.
    you may also report you are concerned about potential animal cruelty. you can only suspect, and the appropriate authorities will investigate. don’t be all vigilante now.

  11. hala L

    Oh how stupid! I bet you’d be the first to complain if the dog was allowed to just bark all the time! There is nothing cruel about these devices they are great aids in training dogs.

  12. prettywo

    You should try ringing RSPCA or NCDL people and ask if they’re legal, and what could be done or wrong with it if this dog is yelping.
    If these people have gone to the trouble of training a dog so that it doesnt become a nuisense to people, then Im sure they care a lot for it and wouldn’t want to hear or see it suffering.
    It may be worth a word in their ear to let them know of your concerns too, Sometimes that can help, They may have the collar on upside down or back to front or something… but its worth the call either way, even if just to put your mind at rest.
    Sometimes its best to interfere if your not sure

  13. Heather

    I got one for barking for my puppy. I hated it at first, but my brother said he would test it first.XD any ways, the brand is what I think madders most. the one I have I got at petsmart and they said it was safe.
    Not only has my puppy stopped most of her barking, she has also become less agressive and more playful. So I don’t realy know about the kinds that you controll, but if I bet you can find one with a light shock-mabe a static shock(like tuching a door nob) I bet if you ask petco or petsmart they could tell you more. Good luck finding one!

  14. willowGS

    They are legal though many people are fighting to get them banned because of this very problem! People don’t know how to use them and they are hurting their pets. It doesn’t take more than an ounce of common sense to tell you if the dog yelps it is hurt! Training a dog to be quiet or not to pull on the lead isn’t difficult, and I’ve done it quite often over 50 years of ownership. No fancy gadgets or harnesses or choke chains needed, or any form of punishment and I’m not talking about puppies but full grown German Shepherds. I’m a 4ft 9in and 6st 7lb female not some hulking 6ft+ male.
    People who use these things are just too lazy to train the dog properly!!!!!!!
    If people must use one then at least find the ‘kindest’ method possible.
    I wonder if these people would dream of using a similar device to train a child to ‘behave’ ?

  15. Collie

    Hi Grod.
    There was an attempt to ban electric collars in UK. It went through Parliament recently and was thrown out on a procedural error. The Kennel Club and lots of other organisations are still trying to get them banned and I think that eventually they will be.
    In the meantime however, this is where your mettle will be tested. If you feel strongly enough about it (and you should!) Ring the RSPCA and express your concerns. If the collar on the dog in question is incorrectly fitted the dog will have burn marks into it’s neck.
    I personally hate the idea of the collar and cannot see why a few happy training sessions based on body language, praise, reward etc just lke we used to, would not have the same effect. It’s this quest for a quick fix for everything., isn’t it?
    Well. Mate. It is now time to have the courage of your convictions and ring someone in authority. You can still remain anonymous if you wish!
    Have a look at and find out about cruel training aids and see why we must do something!

  16. Emmarose

    They are extremely cruel, and should be used only by experienced trainers, I actually think they should be banned. An electric impulse from a remote control. makes two metal prongs eject with great force onto the neck of the dog. This stops the dog instantly from whatever it was doing. If the collar is not positioned correctly the prongs can damage the dog.

  17. DP

    Sounds like he is using a level that is too high.. Tell him to turn it back some.. The dog shouldn’t be yelping.
    What is cruel is NOT training your dog.. And allowing it to bark and bug everyone all the time.. If you aren’t complaining that the guy is training his dog, you’ll be here asking how you can get the guy to make his dog shut up so you can sleep.. Gotta pick which thing you are going to complain about.. Either he stops the barking, and trains his dog, or he leaves the dog and you have to listen to him bark.. Which one are you going to choose??? No complaining later once you make your choice..

  18. LizofLon

    I think the use of electric collars are the pits, not sure they are even legal in the UK,How cruel to inflict pain on a dog in this way contact the RSPCA and see if they can tell you if its legal because as far as I’m concerned the dog must be in pain when its used.


    they are legal apparently, because they are sold everywhere but they are inhumane, why hurt an animal for something it does out of instinct…….i think they are cruel too, if your neighbor doesnt like barking they should of gotten a cat……….

  20. natalie

    That’s disgusting, how dare people treat animals like that? If someone was zapping animals in a lab there would be holy hell to pay but people can happily do it in their own homes without repercussion. There are ways to train dogs effectively without going to such extreme measures. I don’t know if they are legal or not. I would ring the RSPCA.

  21. chirpy

    Hi Grodno,
    How is your relationship with your neighbour? Perhaps you can approach him. Ask him about his dog in a friendly conversational way. Ask him if he finds it difficult to train him and then at the appropriate point mention that the the dog seems to be in a lot of pain. May be you can win your neighbour and influence him to use a different method.
    Thank you for caring enough about this to ask the question. The animals need people like you to speak up for them because they cannot speak up for themselves.

  22. Ringer Dog

    I think they are perfectly humane but if the dog is not smart enough to understand the boundaries of the collar then it should be taken off. They also might have the shock too high. Talk to them and see if they will turn the shock down.
    It might also be that the owner has it as low as possible but the dog get started at the shock. When I get shocked I say ouch even if it didn’t hurt that bad.
    The collar doesn’t do any internal harm unless it is turned to the highest shock so I would just talk to the owner and leave it at that.

  23. misskitt

    Electric collars suck. there are other ways to train and discipline a dog. unfortunately, they are legal. Try to approach the neighbor on friendly grounds, make small talk, then bring up the subject of the collar. Come with the facts to this guy- what is the voltage on these things? can they cause brain/nerve damage?

  24. Lizbiz

    Oh God, I hate those electric methods. Please call your local dog officer and get her opinion. Also, read up on the Internet and in training books so that you can feel better about this subject.

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