I cant buy anything until this Thursday so I’m looking for something I might have around the house that wont hurt them. I know you can wash adult cats in dishwashing liquid and it wont hurt them and it kills fleas but can you do this for kittens? Or maybe some mild soap?


  1. persian_

    Actually, any soap or shampoo will kill fleas as long as it’s left on long enough about 10-15 minutes because the fleas can’t breathe and they die. And this is the usual recommended time for flea shampoo as well. You can use dish washing liquid too, it won’t hurt the kitten. But you should go with the first two answers as well. Any topical or oral flea treatment is safe as long as you get it from the vet. The stuff from the stores can be harmful for your pet, or not really work at all.

  2. eagles07

    You can get capstar from your vet and it will kill the fleas within 30minutes and then you can from there treat your house and start your pet on frontline or revolution which in my opinion is the better one b/c it will stop some parasites and heartworm. Hope this helps! I know at my clinic capstar is only $5.00 so it’s not that expensive

  3. Miss Lucat

    well you will have to wait until thursday. the fleas arent going to kill your kitten by then. Go to the pet store, to save you money. And get Advantage, it is the best, and most of the vets use that, and its cheaper for you to buy it, and put it on yourself……..

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