I evacuated with my 5 cats and this hotel room is infested with fleas. One of my cats had the worms that they get from fleas about 4 months ago. My vet charges about 50 to give them the injection that treats this type of worm. I cannot afford that right now as I’ve already spent almost $1000 on evacuation coasts. Is there a good medicine for this that I can buy at walmart? any help is appreciated.


  1. lunas mom

    They get tapeworm, and I think you need a new vet! My kitty had this problem and got a $2.00 pill and she’s all good now. Ask around for a different Vet.

  2. cat lover

    There isn’t a good over the counter pill that is effective. Fleas can transmit many types of worms, as well as different types of bacteria. Unless the worm infestation of the cat is severe, a shot is rarely required. Drontal normally kills about any worm the cat can have, and it is an inexpensive tablet. If there is an SPCA shelter around, explain the situation to them, and they may simply provide you with a tablet. Tablet dosage is based on weight, so you need to know the approximate weight of your cat.
    And, I certainly would make a complaint to health authorities about the fleas at the hotel. Maybe even the media, as that is inexcusable.

  3. Tiken

    Do not use the store brands for fleas (Hart’s to name one)- they could cause you even more problems- cats have a reaction to the pesticide used – the label on the bottle will give an antidote ( most people miss the warning cause it is on a flap that breaks away from the label) but you have to get that antidote threw a vet- vacuum your self silly – really- even the experts say that the best defense is vacuuming- if you are in a hotel- ask for the vacuum- really this is the safest- most inexpensive defense against these guys-

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