Help! I keep getting bitten by fleas, whereas my husband and son haven’t had any. Also, one cat is attracting the fleas and another isn’t. Why?


  1. Elaine M

    Health. Heathly cats attract less fleas than stressed out cats or ones with their immune systems working overtime.
    For you, try taking a B complex vitamin, fleas are put off by the B complex and will have a better chance of leaving you alone. You can also try rubbing some brewers yeast into the affected cat’s coat, it’s a flea repellant and won’t hurt her if she eats some of it. They just had that suggestion in the latest magazine our health food store puts out.

  2. blu_drgn

    I had the same problem one time when visiting my in-laws, no one else was being bit but I was. I was pregnant at the time and it sucked! Since it is your house, try to get rid of the fleas, they have sprays that you can use outside and then do the inside of the house also. If you do not want to use a bunch of chemicals for the inside of the house, try using a nightlight with a pie-pan filled with water and a few drops of dish-soap in it. The fleas are attracted to the light and jump into the water and die.

  3. bullswea

    Fleas Are not particular…They are just as pron to chew on any animal…They make a product that you need to buy…What you do “and it is so easy you won’t be live it CZ it does not make sense” It is Hertz flee control…What you do is put this medication on his MANE..”that is what the loose skin on his back..Just a couple of drops then go a couple inch’s on his back then repeat the process..It Really works better than expected..Try IT…Now if you want to try the old navabola way that is a tribe that lives in the jungles of BOLICE…First you get thee cat hold it and shave half the hair on his back toward the butt…next put fuel on th part with the hair on it….Now After you lite it get a Ice pick and when the flea’s come out stab them…the first on is just as affective…..JUST A JOKE>>>GOD BLESS

  4. holly

    There are actually different species of fleas. There are canine fleas and feline fleas. The dog fleas can bite and live off any host and can transfer from one host to another. However, the cat fleas can only live and flourish on one host. The minute they bite a new host….they die!!! After years of adaptations, these little tiny blood sucking creatures have adapted to stay alive….either staying or leaving their original host!

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