We have spent two years exhausting normal training methods with absolutely no luck. We see the electric collar as the only way as we live in close proximity to livestock and she has chased before. Does anyone know of any trainers that use e-collars in the leicestershire area? Also, how should we go about training her to not chase? should we correct her when she points/looks at the animals or just wait until she chases?
She is fine in the house and good on the lead. This is a last resort.
Lastly what do you think of the collar manufacturer ‘Pac collars’?


  1. Chetco

    An instruction booklet will come with the collar..It will cover that topic, and will be written with appropriate advice for that particular collar’s settings..
    this is a great site for electric collar training> http://leerburg.com/qaelectric.htm
    all of the links have a wealth of information.

  2. rita_ala

    E collars are kind of tricky. The best way to learn would be to rent or purchase a DVD or video that describes how to train with the collar. A lot of people tend to think these devices are inhumane so be prepared for a bit of backlash when you call around to find a trainer. When used appropriately, they are wonderful training tools, but if not used correctly, they can do more harm than good. You also might want to look for books on how to train with E collars.
    When my friend trained her dog to come with the collar, she would call “come”. When the dog didn’t “come”, she would correct her with enough of a shock to get the dog’s attention. When she had the dog’s attention, she would command the dog to “come” again. This worked in a couple of months. Now the dog is a happy leash-free dog. I don’t know if this is a good method or not, but it works for this particular dog.
    Hope this helps!

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