Just like Mosquitoes hate citronella plants and this keeps them away, what plants or other things do fleas hate so as to deter them from coming around you? Serious answers only please.


  1. Paul Ding

    Cedarwood, lavender, citronella, lemongrass, thyme, and garlic all tend to repel fleas.
    Garlic? Maybe fleas are related to vampires. In that case, a cross should work.
    Actually, I doubt that crosses have much effect, but I suspect other types of allium – elephant garlic (which isn’t really garlic), onions, leaks, chives – would have some repellant effect as well.

  2. Bo

    Lavender can be quite good at getting rid of fleas- some health food shops or natural health clinics will sell lavender talc powder which u can rub in ur pets fur- vacume ur carpets every couple of days to get fleas up- consider usind lavender moisturiser on your skin to repel them. but serious flea problems might require more serious action- Lavender worth a try and look up more info about it on web 🙂
    Good Luck

  3. Alan

    Be careful with things like essential oils and garlic since many are TOXIC to your pets, especially cats.

    Peppermint is safe for pets. I grow my own and boil it with water to create a spray for house and my cat. Drying the plant and putting it into pet bedding has the added benefit of keeping it smelling nice.

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