I heard that lemon and/or lime juice will kill fleas and prevent fleas and ticks on dogs, is this true? Also can you share the recipe? Or whatever you do to naturally keep the bugs away? I also heard on beverly hills groomer that Artist uses lemon juice but I cannot remember what he said the recipe is. Can ya help?


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    I’m not a fan of the chemical flea and tick products. I like to search for herbal remedies for most things I can help prevent. I found a little article I bookmarked that lists a few natural alternatives to preventing fleas and ticks. http://www.gomestic.com/Pets/Natural-Fle… I’ve been following this since last summer and it’s been working great. Keep in mind we do go out often to parks and hiking trails. The general health of my dog has improved, as well. I feel that the only reason holistic treatments aren’t as popular is because not enough people are aware of them.

  2. Nikko,Peke and GSD Lvr

    The best natural product I found to keep fleas and ticks away is Avon’s Skin So Soft.Mix 5 parts water to 1 part oil and spray daily.This is a cheap and healthy alternative to those poisons they put on dogs..They also sell a natural product at the petstores call Sentry Natural Defense.It has clove,peppermint and some other oils in it.I found that if I buy these seperately and spray on my dogs that goes a long way also and really helps..

  3. joanplus

    I have never seen it kill. The idea is citrus repels fleas. You can use a mixture of equal parts water & apple cider vinegar to spray over dog & add a few drops of acv to their water though my dogs refused to drink it. I personally would never use lemon or lime juice on my pets.

  4. ms manners

    Ive heard tea tree oil works – havent tried it, though.
    I think his recipe was the juice of one citrus fruit in a cup of water.
    I have found that using beneficial nematodes (little worms that eat flea larvae, and do not hurt anything else) in the grass in the yard works wonders. I used to be able to find them at Petco, but I bought the last batch online.

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    Oh, my, I think you need to call your vet on this one. We just use a regular flea collar for our dogs. you might try this site….www.natural-dog-health-remedies. com, and see if there is anything there that can help you. I wouldn’t do anything without checking with your vet, vet tech, or breeder first, you need to make sure what you are doing is safe and get the right dosage for your dog.

  6. Rlee86

    Garlic. seriously, get a clove of garlic, and give your dog a small piece of it every once in a while(few days a week). it produces something in the dogs system that keeps flees away. works for mine.

  7. angel v

    i heard Salt helps. ive never tried it, but someone told me that if you sprinkle salt in your carpet, it’ll kill the fleas because some-how they are like slugs and shrivel.

  8. Maxi

    Neem Oil
    or give X2 brewers yeast tablets and x1 garlic pearl daily and this will prevent, fleas, ticks and worms.

  9. bob ©

    lemon juice isnt going to do squat except bleach your dogs coat. if you want something natural that actually works, get some comfortis from your vet.
    its made from algae (NO chemicals at all), is a once a month tablet, kills fleas faster than any topical, and keeps killing for 30 days.
    if all these natural remedies really did work, there wouldnt be such a huge need for chemical flea and tick preventives now would there?
    comfortis is the first product of its kind. it IS all natural, its labeled as a green product, approved by the fda, and really works.

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