Apperently i have bought some products and it seem’s that the fleas still gets to my dog i’m just tired of waiting my money in something that doesn’t work.


  1. Amber A

    I used to work at petsmart in the grooming dept and would get asked this question everyday…. you have to make sure all the fleas are off your dog by giving it a really good flea bath first then make sure it is completely dry before you put on any of the drops (honestly I’ve never seen one work better then another) another thing you need to do is treat the bedding which if it’s small enough you can just throw it in the washer and then dry it in the dryer which will kill those fleas if the bed is too big they sell some good sprays for bedding , and make sure you vaccum regularly to keep up any fleas or eggs that may have fallen in the carpet and lastely you need to treat your yard for the fleas I’ve always found that Seven dust works good and is safe around animals

  2. Southern

    I have tried most of the flea products on my 2 dogs.
    I have found that Frontline Plus works the BEST and
    the longest and it is very easy to apply.
    Advantage is decent, but seems to wear out
    faster than Frontline.
    Don’t bother buying Hartz, or those other
    cheaper ones because they DO NOT work!
    Frontline is expensive, but I got around that by
    buying the one for 100# and over dogs and used a
    dosage calculation for my smaller dogs and
    saved TONS of money!
    The price is the same if you have a
    1# dog or a 150# dog.
    If you need the calculations email me.

  3. xkitesto

    Advantage and Frontline are probably your best bet. I work as a groomer and flea baths will take the fleas away but advantage and frontline keep them from coming back for a month. Flea collars are junk and only keep the fleas away where the collar is. Dont waste you money. Your best bet is avantage or frontline both work well.

  4. kk

    I found the best solution was to treat my yard, not my dogs. For the last two years, we have put down an insecticide on the yard that kills fleas and ticks and my dogs have been parasite free. Check Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc., in the garden department. Read the directions and keep your dog off the yard as directed. If there are no fleas, ticks, etc., in the yard, there won’t be any on your dog unless you take him/her out to pest-infested areas.
    If your dog already has fleas, try Capstar pills from your vet first–kills all the fleas on your dog within 30 minutes. Then treat the yard.

  5. Tin Can Sailor

    I have used Frontline an my dogs since they were puppies and have never seen a flea. That’s nine years for the oldest one.

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