My kittens are only 5 weeks old and they are loaded with fleas! They are too young to use flea sprays. What is a safe yet effective remedy for fleas??


  1. shaarii

    I bought a kitten on Tuesday at 10 weeks and she was also covered in fleas being on a farm, I was worried about medication because most seem to be prescribed for kittens 12 weeks and over howevr I managed to find flea tablets that you can give to your kitten over the age of 2 weeks, because the dosage stated that a kitten at about 1kg would take one tablet and she was less than half a kilo i cut the tablet in half to be on the safe side this stuff worked it’s amazing the medicine started working in under 10 minutes she went mad scratching the fleas just dropped dead within a couple of hours she was clear of all fleas…. i gave her another half a tablet 2 days after because i saw her scratching however didnt see any fleas drop off her. The product was amazing got it from a petstore its called…Johnson’s Flea tablets for kittens from 2 weeks. Good luck!

  2. Great Dane Lover

    Flea combing is the only safe method at this point. They should be still with mom until they are 8 weeks old.Mom can safely be treated with Frontline or Advantage. Treat mom and that will also help a lot with the fleas on the kittens.
    Keep the area the kittens are in clean and vacumned.This wil lhelp rid the area of the flea eggs & larve.

  3. old cat lady

    Treat momma cat. Bathe the kittens and comb them several times a day.
    Get a flea collar and put it into the vacuum cleaner bag. That will kill any live fleas you happen to vacuum up from the floor.

  4. flysilly

    It’s not easy giving kittens a bath but sounds like you’ll probably have to…and of course treat the carpet and house. Maybe a trip to your vet would be in order to find out what products can be safely used at their age, on them as well as in the home. There are orange and tea-tree oil based shampoos that are pretty effective in killing fleas. But to keep the kittens flea-free you’re going to have to do something to kill the eggs and fleas on the property. Good luck!

  5. Serena

    I foster kittens, and the shelter puts advantage on them as early as three weeks old (and maybe even younger.)

  6. TJMiler

    Kittens are small enough to give a bath without getting ripped apart by their claws. You just dip them in the water slightly (maybe splash some water on them or rub it). The fleas will usually jump off.

  7. sunshine

    you must be very careful about chemicals you use on kittens. a vet visit will be necessary. you also need to get rid of fleas in your home. greatest product, mule team borax laundry booster. sprinkle on carpet and brush in. fleas can not breath, dry up and die. inexpensive and no chemicals. but you must take you cat to vet

  8. georgia8

    The vet will give you a flea remover that kittens 6 weeks and up can use. Don’t buy from the drug store. Those can harm your kittens rather than help. Poor kitties. Good luck!

  9. P*Kitty

    the best way is a bath in warm water but beware the fleas are going to run towards the face and ears you need a washcloth to prevent them from doing this…submerging the kittens body into the warm water will drown the fleas…it may take more than one bath to get rid of all of them

  10. rr

    We just got a kitten and the vet put a dab of something ( can’t remember the name ,sorry) on the back of it’s neck. The vet said i t would protect from fleas, ticks and worms. Please check with your vet……… I haven’t seen the kitten scratch once.

  11. Shadowli

    I had the same problem. We had to give her like 5 baths before they were all gone. I suggest a bath, a flea comb, and repeat until they are gone.

  12. smith696

    Check with your Vet. He or she will be able to tell you. I read that bathing them with baby shampoo will drown the flees, but you need to treat your home also or they will continue to have fleas, and so will you and your family (if they’re indoor kitties). Good luck, I have 2 cats and they are sooooo cool.

  13. karen f

    i have been using a once a month for over ten years its called revolution or advantage from the vet dab on the back of the neck its excellent by the way my cats 15

  14. Destynee

    Vets will normally have some sprays or powders you can use at that age. You’ll want to make sure to get them off of them asap. Their blood supply isn’t high and the fleas could make them anemic. I’d avoid giving them fully soaking baths at this point in time as it could give them a cold. G’luck to you.

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