I have an adult dog (4 years old) and a puppy (4 months old.
My adult dog has fear aggression and I am trying to retrain as I do my puppy. The problem is that my two daughters and husband do not always follow the correct reinforcement training techniques as they should to be consistent with what I am doing.
How should I proceed with the training without alienating the family from the dogs and without undoing my training progress?


  1. melissa k

    It’s difficult to answer without knowing the entire problem. I would proceed with what you have been doing to train the dog – getting reinforced occasionally is better than never.
    If you are trying to bring your family on board – perhaps a reality check for them? If they don’t help and the dog’s behavior doesn’t improve, this (list all pertinent points, like the kids can’t have friends over, etc.) is how their lives will be adversely affected. Maybe that will help them realize the benefit of supporting you. Or, you can always take a cue from the training you are giving your dog. You see the daughters reinforcing the dog, they get a chocolate bar (or whatever).
    There is always the option of hiring a private trainer to work with you and try to get everyone to work together, as well. Believe me, most trainers have dealt with these family issues before.

  2. insomnia

    The only way reinforcement training will work is when you’re consistent. If one person teach your dog one way and the others teach it another way, that will confuse the dog and the reinforcement training won’t work.
    If the others doesn’t help, then you should tell them that you should be the only one teaching and handling your dog.
    I read about reinforcement training on this squidoo lens. You should probably check it out to have a better idea on this.

  3. SaturnGi

    You can try a send away training program. Some training facilities keep your dog for 2 wks or so and train them. Then the trainers hold sessions with you, to teach you the techniques. This would work for your family, but can be pricey.
    It’s that or sit your family down and explain to them why this is important. Everyone has to be on board or it won’t work!

  4. Bob

    To be effective, you need to lay down the law with the rest of the “pack” and establish your leadership with the dog. Otherwise your training will be like trying to nail mayonaise to a tree.

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