I’m getting a foster dog tomorrow night and she has fleas. The coordinator for the organization I’m fostering the dog for is going to put frontline on her before she brings her over. What can I do to make sure my dog and cat do not get fleas? I also don’t want the fleas getting all over my house, any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


  1. Marine35

    There is a flea 3-1 Control spray in walmart pet dept. You spray this around your house on the carpet, pet beds and it prevents your house from getting infested, it works for 1 month. It kills Adult flees, eggs and ticks. It safe to use and works real well. I have two cats and I was taking in another cat. I sprayed the 3-1 flee control a day before I got the new house member. Of course you have to do one room at a time so it will vent out in an hour. Well when the new cat came to the house I bath him and put some advantage on him. So what flee did jumped off of him well the house was already protected with the stuff and killed the flees instantly.

  2. Phoenix

    if Capstar tablets are avaliable to you, use those (kill adult fleas on the dog within half an hour and lasts 24hrs) before the dog comes into your house and for a couple of days after arriving. use on your current animals too to really kick those fleas.
    following with a topspot like Frontline, Advantage or Revolution is ideal.

  3. Jessica

    The foster should have applied Frontline as soon as it was noticed that the dog had fleas. Frontline is supposed to kill fleas and ticks within 24 hours of applying. I’d go to the Vet or pet store and purchase some Frontline for your pets and apply it. If you are fostering other animals (fleas or no fleas) you should do this as a precautionary.

  4. ★T☆

    Give it a good bath when it comes, using flea shampoo. Then towel dry it carefully, throwing the towel away afterwards. Cover any sofas or stuff it will come into contact with at first, and keep your other pets away until youre done. Also, try a flea collar. 🙂

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