he is a very naughty dog and escapes from a collar but i just wanted to know what is better for him


  1. Houston Apartment

    I had a dog like this.
    Collars don’t work. A clever dog will soon figure out how to escape from one, and using it for training can actually injure the dog. Collars tend to damage the dog’s neck over time, even if you’re gentle with it, and with a dog like this, you probably can’t be. Get a harness. Less damage to the dog, and you’ll have more control without having to worry about breaking the dog’s neck.

  2. Spicey

    He won’t escape from the harness, so keep it on him. If you’re training him, use the training collar in addition. Is he a big dog? I had a lab, and went and got a couple of willow sticks. They HAVE to be willow. All I did is on 2 occassions, gave her one snatch across the flank, that I knew stung a little. After that, I kept the stick by the back door. She knew the word “stick.” I would still take it with me on walks. All I had to do was show it to her, ask her if she wanted to spanked with it, or say the word “stick,” and she would behave. I had her 16 years, at one point she was 125#. She was a great dog–never forgot the word “stick,” and I never really hurt her. An animal has to be under control. Obedience school is good for any dog, but she always respected me after she learned that I could get a “stick.” Two snatches–that’s all it took.

  3. kristend

    You might want to try a Martingale type collar for your dog. Like these http://dogsupplies.sitstay.com/dogs/Mart… . It’s safer than a choke chain, and are supposedly escape proof. Most Greyhound owners use them because the dogs have narrow heads, and regular collars tend to slip off. I use the Premier Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness for my dogs. But, that is to stop pulling. I wouldn’t even recommend a regular type harness because they only encourage pulling. They have other harnesses that help stop jumping too. Just depends on what behavior you’re looking to cure.

  4. Memphis Belle

    I use a collar when training my Dobermanns.
    Although it is generally considered to be an invention on the devil {largely based on its appearance}, a prong collar is simply a training tool & in capable hands if fitted & used correctly, an effective one.

  5. Juls

    harnesses are much better with training because you have more control so i would use a harness i used a harness to train all 3 of my dogs

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