My dog and cat just got their flea drops a day ago and the ticks and fleas are still not dieing. We got it from the vet but still not working. i am afraid to put flea shampoo on them after they just had drops. Is it safe to do that after flea drops? or is there some other way we can kill these horrible bugs. We had these fleas for 2 weeks now and we need major advice! THANKS


  1. Polly P

    I totally love my 5 month old puppy. When I first got her she was crawling with fleas. I felt completely helpless and hopeless because I hated seeing her itch. She was too young for me to use any flea shampoo or drops on. I was told that if I washed her with Dawn it would get rid of the fleas. So I tried it and it worked!! Dawn is what I give her baths in up to this day. It works well with her flea drops I put on her coat every month. Dawn is very gently on my baby, but powerful on the fleas and ticks. You should give it a try, and I guarantee it will work.

  2. Kendalig

    I suggest calling the vet and investigate what they say. You really need a flea and tick medicine because they can be everywhere and since they always sniff around, they may get some from an area you don’t know and keep the re-infestation going. Carpet clean and vaccum everyday, and rinse the container or throw away the bag (depending on what type of vaccum you use etc. Don’t bathe your pet(s), it should be working, if not look into why it’s not…like the re-infestation….

  3. ouch

    It really depends on the treatment. What brand did the vet give to you?
    Some brands take anywhere from 24-48 hours to work and some brands you need to apply monthly for at least 3 months to work correctly.
    Also you need to make sure you flea bomb your home so they don’t just live in the floor waiting for the right moment to strike again.
    They are nasty little critters.

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