1. fastjeep

    hi the only thing that actually works is FRONTLINE. go to your vet and tell them the age of your kitten and the weight and they will sell you some…it’s not expensive…trust me with 5 cats i brought home one from the shelter and it was covered in fleas…didn’t know…and then my other 4 got it…it’s the only absolute thing that works… shampoos…no dips…no collars….

  2. Barry auh2o

    Advantage . it works.
    But it is expensive. Hey! It looks like they may be giving out samples.

  3. alltacke

    the frontline works the very best but if the kitten isnt old enough try baby shampoo that works well to. you can also get the frontline in the spray so you can spray your carpets or furniture. you will be subjected to reinfestations if you dont treat all the areas the kitten has access to. especially bedding and furniture.good luck and have fun with your kitten!!!

  4. Izzy

    First of all, if not done already, the kitten needs to see a vet. I like, use, and so does my boss (Vet) Revolution. It not only works on fleas, it kills internal parasites like roundworms, and heartworms, it also takes care of ear mites. It is GREAT stuff. If the fleas are still not gone after that, then call your vet and they can recommend some treatment for the environment, since thats where the fleas live.

  5. Bruce J

    I’m not sure how old your kitten is, but I highly reccomend Advantage. It is a topical treatment that lasts a month. I can’t remember the minimum age, but my kitty is 4 months old, and the vet said it was plenty old enough.
    You just put a few drops of this stuff on thier skin, and it soaks in. I’m not sure how it works, but the fleas abandon ship and stay away for a full month.

  6. Flea Gal

    Young kittens can be bathed but you have to leave the suds in for a while. Sometimes a water dip works well. Contrary to popular belief you should not use Dawn or other harsh detergents on a pet’s skin.

    Daily flea combing should work well for you but also be sure to treat the home and the yard.

    It can take up to two months to gain control over a flea infestation.

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