Lately many fleas have been in r yard and backhouse and my husband was spraying the yard and let 1 or 2 fleas in! What will happen?


  1. K

    Chris let them in!? Haha
    You should probably get a bug man to come in and spray your house. And get a flea collar for lovers. You can usually get those from petco or petsmart. I would sleep with a long sleeve shirt and long pants to prevent getting bit.

  2. Alan

    Fleas need a live food source to reproduce and survive. So they will either have to bite you or an animal. Human’s aren’t really great flea hosts as we don’t have thick fur and tend to bathe often. They will of course bite humans, but prefer to live on dogs and cats. Unless you’ve got pets, you probable won’t have a big flea infestation. If you’ve got pets, you should do something to control fleas on them.

  3. Charlie F

    Nothing unless ones a boy flea and the other is a girl flea. Do you have a lot of animals? You don’t usually see lots of fleas hanging around a yard unless here’s lots of animals to feed on.

  4. Nicola

    You should get a flea spray for the carpets and upholstery just as a precaution till they are all gone from the yard. They can easily come in on your clothes or shoes.

  5. N e l l u h h B b y;

    Mostly likely it wont be only 1 or 2.
    And mainly they’ll live in your carpet and make lots of babyy fleas..

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