I have a 2 yr. old bichon and I’m having a problem with fleas and ticks. I currently use Frontline Plus on him but I’m planning to switch to Advantix very soon. I have a him a tick collar that lasts for 3 months and I still can’t keep the ticks off. I just found out from my neighbor that we have a tick problem in our yards. My vet told us a few things to use but I was wondering what people on here would use as well.


  1. Katslookup - a Fostering Fool!

    Flea Bomb the Yard? That is so silly, I can’t even begin to explain why…..
    OK, the RIGHT way to treat your yard is this:
    1. Trim up any bushes, trees, or shrubs ATLEAST 6 inches off the ground. (The sun needs to get to the base of the plant.)
    2. Clean up any and all yard debries from your yard. (Ticks like dark, damp areas, like under leaves and branches)
    3. Get a product called Demon WP. You can find it in most do-it-yourself pest control companies, or on e-Bay. FOLLOW the intructions CAREFULLY! This is a professional strength product. More is not better! Following all the instructions WILL take care of your problem!

  2. Sleeping Bags for Kids

    is there construction going on in your neighborhood? Someone I know if having a lot of trouble with ticks and she called the Advantage company to find out why the product wasn’t working anymore. The first question they asked her was if there was some construction going on close by, earth moving, that sort of thing. Apparently ticks can live in the ground for 2-3 years but the vibrations of the equipment will send them up by the thousands. Ew!

  3. Talinka

    Frontline plus is great. I don’t understand why you have to switch….. but uh, you should buy a flea bomb and bomb the yard, and or house. That will kill nearly all the flea and ticks. I would reccomend a flea and tick bomber.

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