She has never had fleas until I moved near the beach. She is indoor cat but will sit on balcony with me. No other pets around. I’ve tried diff products at wal-mart but dosen’t seem to help much.


  1. Use 2B a dog lover

    Frontline Plus… Don’t waste your money on trying least expensive products, I say this because they won’t work. And you will end up buying Frontline. It happened to me my :Bradley had fleas very badly. I’d heard of Frontline but it was costly (about $40.00), so I instead went for other products that read well, I’d spent almost 40.00 on products that did not work, I bought Frontline Plus, and no more fleas, ever.

  2. Keith B

    getting rid of fleas is really touch and go, I’ve found that giving them a flea dip followed by the flea spray is fairly effective if that doesn’t work your vet should be able to advice an effective treatment, good luck! Oh and dont forget to treat your home too, its really easy you either get flea carpet scrub or a flea bomb (I prefer the flea bomb) you just take a few place them around your home on top of old news papers, shake – release – then leave WITH your pets for about an hour then everything should be all said and done.
    Again, good luck.

  3. jue7rc

    Frontline is ok but it seems to be having a diminishing effect on some fleas as they are getting resilient to it. I would suggest Advocate spot on as it deals with fleas and worms in one go – easy to administer and cheaper in the long run. You should be able to get it via your vet or have a look on the internet and order on-line.
    Edit – someone has suggested tea tree oil. This can be highly toxic to some cats so PLEASE DON’T USE IT.

  4. Mia

    You need to get proper stuff from the vet, the products on sale in supermarkets don’t work. The best ones are frontline or stronghold.

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