Cats make great pets. They are loving, affectionate, cute, and are greatly independent making them easy to maintain. Plus, cats are also easy amused, making it easy to entertain them. Of course all this can only happen if your cat is properly trained. It’s always fun at the beginning when your cat is just a little kitten.

Everything they do is cute and fun to watch. Anything from pouncing to climbing to biting can be amusing. However, when they get older these cute behaviors aren’t so cute and now possibly even painful when your the target of all this energetic behavior.

Even worse, if they have been doing these behaviors for most of there young lives, their bad behavior has now become a bad habit. Training your cat is simple if you know what you need to do.No matter what you are training your cat to do, you have to know a few things before you can start training your pet. In the wild, before cats were domesticated, they were usually solitary and extremely territorial.

Cats are also known to be stubborn and sometimes arrogant. Usually, cats are proud and don’t listen well to others. Because of this, training your cat might be a little bit harder than it would be to train a dog. Though cats are not always stubborn and arrogant, many times they are. Unlike most dogs, cats seem to be much more disobedient and less wanting to please their owners. This means that you should start training your cat as soon as you can.

Don’t wait until the last minute when your cat is already into certain habits to start training it. This will make it even harder on you. Like any animal, when it gets comfortable with bad behaviors, the animal usually continues to do it.This means that when you get your cat, it is best to train it as early as you can. Of course wait a little while so that your cat can get used to its surroundings and the members of the family. Once the cat seems to be settled, you have to show the cat that you are the master and that it has to listen to you. If you train your cat correctly, you will have the best relationship imaginable.Think of it this way if you don’t start early it would be like jumping into your child’s life when they are 8 yrs old asking them to unlearn everything they’ve become accustomed to doing. That would be hard for them and waiting to train kitty is hard for your cat too.The keys to a successful training program would be timing and knowing your cat. That would include starting early enough to catch habits before they are formed. This also means you need to know your cats body language, limits, and personality.

You can’t spend hours training your cat. You need to know when they’ve had enough and when they are getting bored. If your cat is getting bored with the training it’s going to be hard to make them focus on you and the desired behaviors, making you very frustrated and making you waste time I’m sure you could use. It is important that you get to know your cat and what comes naturally to them. Understand not only your cat’s unique personality, but what instincts they have from just being a cat. One of the most important instincts they have is avoiding pain or unpleasant situations.

This information comes in handy when training, because if you scold them or use any negative reinforcement, your cat will avoid your training and you since you are the one causing the unpleasant situation. This will make training very difficult for the both of you.

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