I’ve not really ever had a problem with fleas till now, I just brought myself home a wonderful little girl chihuahua, and she’s got fleas, badly. I’ve given her a bath in puppy shampoo and spent about 30 minutes in the flea control section of Walmart, and only came home with a 3 in 1 flea collar safe for use on puppies over 6 weeks. Any ideas?


  1. curls

    i have a similar situation.. my few week old kitty has fleas and i went to the vet yesterday.. the thing is most products sold in stores are for animals 12 week and over in general… my kitty cant even have front line but the vet gave us some stuff that is basically frontline for younger pets (i forgot the name)
    in this situation you really should go to the vet asap.. if fleas get bad then your puppy can suffer major blood loss and if you have other pets they can get the fleas too. Alos, if she is a few weeks old it isnt a bad idea to take her to the vet anyhow.. for those animal aids and lukimia tests and shots.. all that kind of stuff

  2. pra0314

    She’s too young for otc flea medications. Take her to the vet so that they can prescribe something to take care of the infestation.

  3. Freedom

    Do not put that collar on her. Those things are dangerous and poison and have caused a lot of peoples dogs permanant nerve damage. I would suggest calling the vet and not doing anything but taking her outside and using a flea comb several times a day to get them off.

  4. deshanso

    bathe her in dawn dish liquid and use a flea brush. also at petsmart they have an all natural spray that can be used on younger pets and nursing pets

  5. sada W

    Go to a local pet store and buy a medicine pill for pets called a cap star. The fleas are gone within a day

  6. Charlie

    For 6 week old puppies, do Not use any type of Flea shampoo on your puppies, as this can kill them.

    I was told by a good friend that raises dogs to do this, and her suggestion is to use a tiny, and I do mean tiny drop of Original Dawn dish soap and warm water. Make sure you have a nice warm towel and a nice warm blanket and heater standing by.

    We just bought a puppy from some people and when we got him home were shocked at how many HUGE fleas this baby has on him. 🙁

    We gave him a bath, did the dish soap treatment and killed well over 90% of the fleas.

    Hope this helps.

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