The monks , the English lady, or the dog whisperer? Why? Any other good ones?


  1. Elena

    I like ‘It’s Me Or The Dog’ the most. I’ve only seen ‘The Dog Whisperer’ a few times as it’s not on a lot on Australian TV but I didn’t think his training methods were as good as what other people thought. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen much of him but still, not my preferred trainer.

  2. joseygir

    I LOVE Ceasar! He has an amazing understanding of the really bad issues with dogs.
    I wish he would open a Cesar dog school for those of us who don’t livein L.A.
    I also love the Monks, totally different energy than Cesar, but really great as well.
    I watched the English woman for all of 15 min. I couldn’t stand her!

  3. Jackie

    Dog Whisperer because he shows how to take control of a pet in a passive way. Adventures in Doggy Daycare is also a good show on channel 42(cblvsin)

  4. hanksimo

    The dog whisperer is the best show. However, I recommend that you go to the library or amazon and find books and videos by Ian Dunbar and by Turid Rugaas.
    The dog whisperer is OK if the dog is already badly socialized and out of control. But if you want to raise your puppy to avoid bad behavior, learn about Calming Signals, Clicker training, and positive reinforcement. These are advanced methods, but if you learn just 10% of these methods, you will be a much better owner!

  5. DP

    Of those 3 I would choose the Dog Whisperer..
    What’s that other guy, I just started seeing him now and then.. At the end of my Leash or something along that line??? I CANNOT stand that guy!
    I saw the show where he let the people’s dogs loose out the front door and onto the road.. He told them if they weren’t going to train they might as well just set them free.. OMG I wanted to see him hit by a car as he scrambled to get their dogs back… I refuse to watch his show!

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