My boyfriend’s apartment is INFESTED with fleas. You can walk inside for two seconds, step out and you will have at least 4 fleas on you. I’ve seen it happen. It started recently. One of his roomates had two cats and a small puppy and soon after, he left with the animals, leaving my boyfriend with the fleas. It sucks cause he’s the only one in the home making him the only meat the fleas want. The apartment has 3 rooms and a living room and kitchen. He has tried the foggers (at least 9 times in the last week). Even though it says to do one per home or apartment or something like that, he uses one in every room and they just seem to get worse. He’s tried the lamp with bowl and detergent and he’s only seen 4 fleas in there after he left it overnight so he doesn’t want to try that anymore. Does anyone have any ideas? We need help quick. Things are just getting worse.


  1. runningv

    One of the best things solutions I’ve found is this: 1. sprinkle a pretty thick layer of salt over all of the carpets and leave it ovenight and then vacuum. The salt dehydrates the fleas (works for ants too.) 2. Wash all the bedding and pillows, etc., in hot water if possible to kill any flea eggs. 3. Spray mattresses and sofas with flea spray. Good Luck! 🙂 4. Put dried lavendar in various rooms of the apt. – it repels bugs.
    Your boyfriend and yourself should also make yourselves unattractive to the fleas. Take garlic capsules or eat garlic so that the fleas will not like your blood and won’t bite you. Use insect repellant on yourself. Avon makes some good ones that don’t contain Deet.

  2. Fulltime in my RV (I wish)

    You can use Diatomatious Earth or Boric Acid, sprinkle it on everything. It’ll get in their joints & chew them up.
    W/ the diatomatious earth you have to be careful! DON’T BREATHE IT!!! It can cause mesothelioma.
    Boric Acid is probably cheaper & not harmful to people or pets, but leathal to insects. It’s just not as fst acting. When you vacum, put some on the carpet & vacum it up w/ the fleas, it’ll kill ’em in the bag. I’d stay away from foggers or exterminators, the chems go on everythng…. you food & dishes included.
    Next time you get a roomie w/ pets, get an electronic bug repeller. They really do work. My bro had a girlfreind who’s cat got fleas. The house was horribly infested. Someone gave her a bug repeller, fleas were gone in 2 days! Issue is, where’d they go? In your case, they’d probably go to the apts of your neighbors, not a good thing!
    As to sticking your landlord w/ the problem. I’m a landlord & if you did that to me I’d evict you. If yours is the only apt w/ fleas, there must be a problem in your apt that endangersthe health & wel-being of the rest of the tenants, that’s cause for eviction in just about any rent control area I’ve known. I’m also a paralegal, specializing in landlord tenant relations. I do evictions for a living. If I were you, I’d take care of the problem w/out involving the landlord.

  3. reddrago

    Powder didn’t do it for us, but the fogger worked. If you have tried different high end name brand foggers then the powder isn’t going to help. Neither will shampooing your carpet b/c the fleas will just vacation in your couch and bed.
    I say you need to convince him to move, and when you do move, fog the next place to kill the hitchhikers and their eggs on your furniture and clothes.

  4. Amanda

    I am having the same problem. We have tried the foggers, Boric acid and Hartz’s spray and nothing. My kids are getting ate up. I had to take one daughter to the doctor because it was so bad. To night we are trying the baking soda and salt mix. I read about it online. I am hoping that it works. I am at lose as to what to do. We got the dog treated by the vet too.

  5. hopethat

    It sounds like he has a bad infestation. I had one – once – and tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them.
    I finally came across Enforcer brand, and used the powder in the couch and carpets every three days, and then bombed about two weeks later. Anything fabric – wash in very hot water. If you can’t, bag it up for a couple weeks in plastic. The fleas will hatch, but with nothing to eat will die. Also, they prefer humid conditions. If you can dehumidify or run an air conditioner, do so!
    t worked for me.

  6. lisa m

    i would look through yellow pages and find someone that does pest control, and get youre flat sprayed.

  7. ablex

    If it is an apartment, I would call the landlord. Aren’t they responsible for things like that? Other than that, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Then empty the vacuum outside or replace the bag to keep the critters from getting back out. Some people recommend putting mothballs or crystals in the vacuum bag to kill the fleas, but I would think that would stink up the place, at least. Some years are horrible for fleas and this is one, at least in my area. I have bombed, treated the animals with powders and spot-ons, and the best method I have found is to vacuum frequently (twice a day) until they are gone.
    Good luck!


    I think they have some type of spray or powder. You should also try shampooing carpets and washing ALL the clothing and beding

  9. arkyanke

    You have the right idea with the foggers. You need to read the label and find one that has an egg accelerate in it. Place a couple in each room and leave the house. Do not go back in for about an hour, then I suggest you open windows and air it out.
    Wait three days and repeat. Fleas hatch in a three day cycle and if you do it again, it will kill any that the first treatment missed.
    Make sure that you do not seal the apartment up completely. Leave a small crack in a window in each room. My cousin was moving into an apartment, sealed the bathroom, and used the foggers. The hot water heater kicked on and blew up the bathroom catching it on fire. This not a danger is you leave the area vented.

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