I Have about a 33lb. Springer spanial and she has fleas. We live in the country lots of leaves lots of trees.I’ve tried the ones you put behind their ears helps,but there still there,. I need a old fashion remedy.


  1. copeland

    there are insecticides you can put in your yard. that paired with regular washings with flea shampoo should do the trick. i had the same problem.

  2. Natalie

    Try frontline.. you can get it at your local vet. It usually works pretty good. You’re pretty much always guarenteed fleas with a dog being outdoors. The trick is to get rid of them with the frontline and keep applying it as needed to keep the fleas away.

  3. sred

    The method I use hasn’t failed me yet.
    I use Adams Flea Spray on the dogs and cats, once a week. I also use the spray in my house, on the carpets, furniture, pet bedding and every where else I can reach, this is done once every two weeks. Outside, I use Triazicide Spray, once every two months. I have NO fleas, inside the home or out. ( nor any on the animals)

  4. S

    Buy some Frontline or Advantage from your vets office. It works great~and kills the flea eggs, too. I really don’t think it’s possible to get them out of your yard though.

  5. mailatac

    She needs a regular flea & tick shampoo about every two weeks. Make sure you let the suds and shampoo soak in for 5 full minutes after you suds her up. ( I have to constantly talk to and rub my dog to keep her from shaking and sending suds all over!) My vet emphasises the 5 min rule (it’s on the bottle directions).
    She needs a GOOD flea & Tick collar. I recommend “Zodiac” brand.
    She will also need the flea drops (Zodiac, of course), but you need to put them on her shoulders and on her hips just before the tail starts. I like to take my dog out and let her run to get the drops to work their way into her system, otherwise it might rub off on your carpet/couch or something.
    Sounds like you have a BIG yard so most conventional treatments are out, but if you do the other things you’ll be okay.
    Plus if you’re in a state that gets cold, the first/second frost should help alot.
    Your vet can give you, um, your dog, prescription flea meds.
    Make sure you give her her heartworm medicine or you’ll have more than just fleas to work with!

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