I have two cats who have infested my house with fleas. I can’t afford to get any of the stuff they sell at the vet and it’s driving me nuts. Any suggestions?


  1. SiamSall

    Pet stores now sell effective spot-on treatments, and these are the best treatment for the lowest cost (cheap is no good if not effective!!). Don’t be tempted by collars – they are only designed to killl fleas which come into contact with the collar – so are a preventative against fleas coming from prey which the cat catches, as they are in the head area. Collars do not treat existing flea infestation.
    However, you also need to buy quality flea treatment for the house as this us where the flea eggs lay and will continue hatching onto your animals and people!
    You need to treat the cats regularly, to stay on top of the problem and stop it recurring

  2. mrslangl

    It will cost less than $25 for 2 doses of frontline plus at the vet…even cheaper per use if you go ahead and get a box. The sprays and bombs and flea dips are going to cost you way more and are going to take quite a while to get rid of your entire problem. The best way is to make sure that you are killing any that are on them now and any that get on them in the future. Trust me….its going to be a lot cheaper to get the stuff at the vet….plus you will be combating future infestations as well.

  3. KRISS

    first off give a flea bath with luke warm water (hot water will hatch eggs faster) wash everything the cat sleeps on in cold water, if it cant be washed put it in a bag then stick it in the freezer for at least 24 hours then vacuum the object. when you vacuum you should have a piece of flea collar in the bag or container (2 inches) make sure you empty the bag every time in to garbage outside. this doesn’t cost much but it will take about a month. (vacuum every day) if the flea problem is really bad your going to have to see a vet. good luck.

  4. C W

    honestly I would save up the money for the vet supplied treatment. Ie revolution,advantage,frontline. It will cost you way less and save your sanity than using cheap pet store stuff and trying to clean and soap them away.

  5. luckylu

    You can try some powder/spray with eucalyptus oil. There are many flea repellent herbal products available. I use Topicure spray. But that may only be available in my country, viz. India.

  6. cat butler

    What ever you do, DON’T USE ANY HARTZ products. Just type in Hartz in the “search for questions” box. A cheap flea medication can kill your cats. You’re going to have to talk to your vet.

  7. figure competition

    well you could go to walmart or target and get that cheap flea medicine. It works pretty good but can be better. If your on a budget just do research online for cheap medicine, trust me you can find some :]

  8. Cookie♪

    well i heard if you wash you cat in a little bit of dawn soap that should get rid of most of the fleas.

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