The fleas has infected my house and living on my carpet. I’ve tried vacuuming and spraying the carpet with Fleatrol, but it doesn’t work.
What’s the most effective way to kill fleas in your house (especially on carpet)? Please provide the brand of the product too, so I know what to buy.


  1. tracy

    OH GOD LISTEN TO ME.. what no one is telling you is that … bombing is fine but, since chemical cant penetrate the eggs,.. and most of the chemicals used in these bombs are so toxic they have to (by EPA regulation) have to be gone upon drying, there is no residual to kill off the hatching eggs..
    THIS IS THE SECRET!!! 10+yrs pest control exp. proves it.
    you have to do it again in 2 weeks.. and depending on the severity, every two weeks till they are gone.
    AND NOT ONLY THAT.. you need several cans .. one for each room.
    even one just for ‘the hallway’.
    vacuum frequently.. but remember.. burn your vac bag or dump the bagless remains into a fire or you will re-contaminate your house and or yard

  2. Hummer Parts

    1.Buy yourself some ‘flea bombs’, one for each room and two if your lounge area is a bigger room.
    2.Seal all food etc, lock cat/dog doors, cover fishtanks and turn off their filters and air pumps, put any clothes lying around in the washing machine and close all windows.
    3. Set the flea bombs off one room at a time as you work your way to the door, don’t forget your keys, and then once you’ve set them all off, go to the movies or visiting friends.
    4.When you’ve come back after a few hours away, make sure you open all the windows and air the house out and put some fans on to get rid of any fumes still present. Make sure you de-flea your pets and vaccum your floors. Wipe down all surfaces and don’t forget to turn back on the fish tanks filter and air pumps like I forgot to.
    Read all the instuctions on the can.
    Flea bombs can be bought from your local hardware store.

  3. joel95ex

    Use a growth inhibitor/regulator such as nylar. those pesticides only kill adult fleas…the baby and eggs show up as adults in a week so you never get rid of the problem a pool/ chemical store will have it and it is safe. i did it and no fleas since….

  4. blixa22

    Fleatrol, if I recall correctly, is a grocery store brand? Fleas are usually pretty resistant to that, and the spray is pretty toxic. You might want to shell out for a better insecticide. It is worth it to use the newer spot-on insecticides on your pet (Advantage in particular worked for me), because the insect control stays on the dander, which drops in your home, and can help control the larvae of fleas that are hatching out, even if you have not sprayed in a long time.
    It’s not adult fleas you really need to kill, it’s the eggs, larvae, and pupae which are the vast majority of the fleas in the house. You need to vacuum with a really strong vacuum on deep pile carpet, really thoroughly, especially if you have had fleas for a while. Get all the way under furniture and into corners. Vacuum all fabric surfaces that your pets come near, all the crevices, and the crevices of hard floors. This removes most of the eggs and pupae. The eggs drop off the animal, hatch into larvae which may move several feet while feeding, and form pupae. These stages are all so tiny you probably won’t notice them. They just look like dust.
    Then use a spray that is NOT a “bomb” or “fogger,” to directly coat ALL the carpeted surface including under furniture. Doing it by hand works better and is safer because you control where the poison ends up. You apply it lightly and consistently to only where you want it. A fogger just throws it up in the air to rain down again on all horizontal surfaces. Fleas, though, fall into crevices and hide under furniture. They need humidity. And you don’t really want a lot of insecticide on every surface, just on the ones where fleas are, because insecticides are toxic.
    Then you repeat in 2-4 weeks, vacuum and spray, one time. Because eggs you missed may still be hatching, and pupae you missed with the vacuum may still be hatching – the insecticide can’t kill pupae; they have to be physically removed. The pupae develop for about 2 weeks under ideal conditions so presumably, any pupae that were new the first time, will be fleas hatching out into a freshly sprayed area and won’t live long.
    When I did it, I used a product from a vet office called Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Area Treatment. It came in an aerosol, was about 25 bucks and treated 2000 sf sprayed by hand. That was years ago, though, so I don’t think you can still get that exact thing. They do make the same product in a “pump sprayer” that you pressurize, though. And it might be nice to use because the spray shouldn’t fill the air you’re breathing as bad as the aerosol. I would look for something at a vet or pet store where someone could give me a personal testimonial, and check that it says on the label that it kills fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae. And I would start applying a spot on insecticide to all my pets for a couple months.

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