My two cats just recently obtained fleas, from god knows where, and they are starting to invade my living room and even my bedroom, and it’s becoming a huge problem with me while my mom is brushing it off like nothing. I want to have our house exterminated, but I want to know a quick, low budget and effective way of clearing our house out of all the fleas. Truly, I think we should flea-bomb the whole basement (a.k.a where our cats live) Any suggestions? HELP!


  1. Yellow

    Flea-bomb the basement first (2nd time 2 weeks later to kill any unhatched eggs). If that solved the problem then you don’t have to flea-bomb the entire house. Use mortein spray in your bedroom and the living room if that helps.
    If you need to flee-bomb the entire house, then you have to find somewhere else to stay/sleep for a few days as the chemicals are harmful to people. You could set up a tent in your backyard if you have one or borrow one from your friends/relatives.

  2. danielle

    bomb your house with flea bomb.
    its exspensive but worth it.
    you should use one can for each room.
    you should also vaccumm your carpet and if you have a steamer steam clean it.
    (you want to kill the fleas eggs)
    buy your cats flea collors .
    i understand frontline is exspensive but save up it works really good

  3. Hummer Parts

    start with treating the cats for fleas.
    tehn hoover everywhere, move all the furniture, hoover again, keep a cover/blanket on your bed if the cats sleep there, then turn that back at night so you have a flea free bed.
    hoover some more, and keep hoovering. alternatively you can collet them and drown them in water.
    dont forget to keep treating the cats.
    good luck

  4. Dararie

    flea bomb the entire house.
    you can bring the fleas elsewhere in the house on your shoes.
    just make sure you use the proper amount of flea bomb and that you shut off all gas lines.

  5. Virusfis

    Ya you can buy bug bomb things at the store that work wonders. Just get your cats out before you do it and it should take care of them. That would be cheaper that hiring an exterminator. Make sure to find a safe way to get the fleas off the cats too.

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