I have a dog and we DO train it…
But I just go to thinking….do any of you have memories of older men and their dogs on porches? Those guys could typically get their dogs to do what they wanted when they wanted…..so…..why do we need all these books and stuff?
I wonder what we are doing wrong?
Is it a time factor? I wonder if these people just spent more time with their animals?


  1. BYB get the flock out

    They trained their dogs also, just in a more simply way. They probably didn’t own a leash, most of them worked on the farm or hunted.
    Most people today want to be able to take their dogs on walks and interact with others. I have to admit I applaud the people that spend the time and even the money to make their dogs social and well behaved. I’m sure you have seen the ones that aren’t

  2. doxie

    I think it was more like the dog did what it wanted, which was to sleep on the porch. Dogs used to run lose, not now they have to be on a leash and people are more concerned with their social behavior. Most dogs you used to see way back when were mutts. Now there is a mix.

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