I’ve recently adopted 2 dogs, the first one is a Golden Retreiver and he is 9 weeks old, I know he is too young for some serious training but he didn’t even learned how to sit and come yet, he is very hyper so it is very difficult to get his attention. The other is Siberian Husky and she is 13 months old. Her owners abandoned her because she was a handful and chewed the entire apartment. Is it too late to train her for some basic stuf eg: come, don’t pull (way too strong for me)?? I’ve raised a perfectly well behaved German Shepard and I also hope that they will pick up some of his behaviour. Tnx


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    Your 9 week old pup is still a bit young for training classes, but you can start training at home even at that age.
    Google “NILF” which stands for ‘nothing in life is free’.
    Its a training method which makes the dogs work for everything they get so they get it in their heads that YOU are the boss(alpha) and they defer to you in all situations.
    One way to start is to insist that both dogs SIT before they get any treats from you. Be consistent, kind and gentle and they will ‘get it’ very quickly.
    The 13 month old husky is highly trainable. Because of their exercise needs, they are not ‘apartment dogs’ which is why the former owners ended up with an destroyed apartment. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen this happen. And it happened because she wasn’t in a yard or being exercised enough and likely was left alone for long periods of time.
    Huskies are smart dogs, eager to please and highly food motivated. So get started with the NILF with her asap and go from there.
    Unfortunately, its in the breed to pull so training them to not pull on leash is challenging. But the breed needs daily exercise, so if you’re not walking her regularly its only going to make it worse. Start making her sit for treats, take her for a walk with a treat bag and everytime she starts pulling, STOP WALKING. Make her come back towards you allowing the leash to relax, then reward her with a treat(after she has sat) and then continue with the walk. EVENTUALLY she will get that when the leash is relaxed, not taut, that walks will proceed.
    Now, with that said, remember that she will always be inclined to pull. Some pull like crazy the first 15 mins of the walk, then relax. All of them seem to stop pulling when they’re heading back home. But huskies need 1 hr out the yard daily to meet their exercise needs. More if possible when they are young and full of energy.
    And most husky owners agree….’the only good husky is a tired one’.
    See if you can find a trainer in your area with husky experience. Its an investment worth making 🙂
    best of luck,

  2. jobees

    Just do one command at a time for no more then 5 mins a day at first and reward them with food treats and lots of pats

  3. ❤PomMom❤ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Spay & Neuter

    You should start right away – he is NOT too young. You MUST be patient – all puppies are hyper.
    The 13 month is NOT TOO OLD! They were just impatient and inexperienced and didn’t want to put in the time to train the Husky.

  4. 1jedi69

    Well, speaking from experience with my different breeds and sex over the years. Now. Dogs are very easy to train, once you figure out what their going to respond to, food, praise or a toy or all of the above. Your 13 month-old is still salvageable as well, you need to assert yourself as the “alpha” with both.
    I was shown this by two different breeders,
    try this..get comfy with pup-dog and get close and almost cuddly with and turn them onto their back, don’t get wimpy, your not going to hurt’em, get them to calm down(cause they’re gonna thrash and resist being controlled by you) once you have done this(usually) they will defer to you for approval more often…oh yeah, don’t forget to reward their calm compliance with a treat and allot of praise…also, you may have to repeat it with the older one..then begin leash training and sit, stay, etc. commands, and they should respond a little better and respect you as well.
    I did this with my cousins dog “Little Man”(and he Did Not Like me)..now he’s one of my best dogs..heck, he listens to me better than my personal dog, King, most of time..lol
    good luck..

  5. shernain

    actually you should start when its 10 months old.i trained my dog a bit earlier cause its part sheepdog and theyre smart so.yea.but it also depends on the breed.start whenever you want if you want to.remeber you can teach an old dog new tricks

  6. sleigh13

    All the responses are good. Never give up! Obedience classes are good for socializing your dog, which is also very important.

  7. babygirl

    take the dogs to obedience classes. i did it with my rottie,and it was fun. he is well behaved & properly trained.

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