I let her out rigth after but it seems i should wait..its not like her food passes right through her, right?
BTW my puppy is a female 5 months old yorkie/chihuahua. She weighs 7 lbs and eats a cup of mixed food (soft and hard dog food)
Thanks in advance


  1. Whiteout Alaskan Malamutes

    The sooner the dog has eaten take it into the garden/yard for pee, poo or both. Chewing/swollowing kickstarts the stomach and bowel movement. Let it walk and sniff around and it will do the busy after a few minutes.

  2. lil_coun

    I give my dogs food and water and then wait about 30 minutes and then take them out…but if they are little puppies they cant hold their bladder as good so I would say take them out about 10-15 minutes after.

  3. Julia P

    You should let her out like 5-15 mins wen shes eaten. You’ll notice signs that she has to go to the bathroom, but you might not reconize them straight away.

  4. Joseph L

    A consequence of waiting may be that the dog may learn to just “hold it” until it finishes something else it may be more interested in AND THEN relieve himself (at a time you may not be looking)
    For my two dogs, we took them out – on a non-flexi-lead leash, to the back yard as soon as they are done eating, especially while we were trying to housebreak them. Keeping them on the leash when going out right after accomplishes two things. Helps you keep them focused on what it is you want from them (you can get their attention appropriately when they start wondering) and gets them used to doing something on a leash other than a walk (so they don’t associate the leash with ONLY walking). We would wander with them in a general area, but you’ll be able to tell when their “not focused”.
    They way we look at it is this: Everything our dogs do should be a routine. It sets clear expectations for them and makes them easier to train on other things as well. After we eat, we go “potty.” Why? Because that’s what we always do.
    A trick I like to share: When your dog “goes number 1” on its own, praise him and say “Good Potty” “Good Potty.” Do this for a couple days. This associates the praise (“Good”) and his action (“Potty”) when he is OUTSIDE. Then when you are out (again, just after the meal) JUST before he “starts number one”, encourage him with “Go Potty”. Again this encourages the action, “Go”, and the result “Potty.” Do this for another couple days for a week. Then, after couple weeks, BEFORE you go outside on your leash, say “Let’s go Potty.” This tells your dog what they are going to go do and “gets their bladder working” because of all the consistent word association that you’ve been doing. When you get out side say, “Go Potty” only a couple times, then again just before, and praise. (Telling your dog too many times before and “allowing an inaction” may encourage him to not act with other commands like Sit/Stay/No Barking.)
    *This works for “Number 2” as well we use “get busy” for one dog and “Hurry up” for the second*
    I admit it took 10 minutes or so at times in the beginning, but timing and not giving up are everything with this routine. The result of this has been that now my wife and I (or anyone else for that matter) can let them out in the (fenced) yard and say “Go potty” or “get busy” and they know what we want them to do instead of them wondering around thinking it is just “random outside time”.
    Either way, GOOD LUCK!

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