1. honeychi

    Do you mean agility? Obedience traning can begin straight away, but jumping ect is not recommended until at at least 18 months because the pups bones/joints are still growing and this puts strain on them and can cause problems. An agility club wont let you participate until this age.

  2. renodogm

    A dog shouldn’t do any jumping higher than it’s elbows until a bare minimum of a year old. Certainly not before the growth plates are sealed. For larger dogs, this often doesn’t happen before 14-18 months old, depending on the dog.
    You can start the training you need for Agility well before that, however. You need a good background in obedience and having a dog that will work with you off leash. You can start at for some good books on starting Agility.

  3. WP Robot

    Training can occur at any age. We’ve had fosters from 6 months to 10 years of age and we haven’t found any difference in their ability to learn commands.
    Obviously if you have a young pup that you are dedicated to training would be most ideal but an older dog is still extremely train-able.

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