Obviously keeping him in a kennel all day isn’t good.
There is just certain time periods where you can’t bring your dog along so i would like to know with a keneel trained dog what is the longest time period they should be locked up.


  1. Anonymous

    Think of it this way, for every month your dog is old is every hour your dog can hold their bladder, but it also depends on size I guess and how much water she recieves, spread it out through out the day.
    1 month-1 hour (you can only leave her for one hour until she needs to be let out.)
    2 months- 2 hours
    3 months- 3 hours
    and so on until 5-6 months. If your dog is over a year and a half and at a medium or larger size, then 7-8 hours is the max. is what I have been told.
    I have a dachshund who held his bladder for 12 hours once, and he doesnt stay in a crate. It was an emergancy crisis that we couldnt return home and when we did return home we found he had held it for 12 hours.

  2. .::*Skyl

    This is what we did for our puppies. Since they weren’t used to the crate when we brought them home from the breeder we decided to leave them in for an hour and then let them out to potty and what not and every hour or so we’d let them out and put them back in about 15-20 minutes later. We slowly stretched that time out to making them stay in for a couple hours, then a few, and so on. Depending on how old the dog is, will really make a difference. If its a puppy that’s only a couple or a few months old, they’re bladders are tiny and they need to potty quite often throughout the day. But the older they get, the easier it gets. We’ve since transferred them from their crate to a kennel thats big enough for them to run around and play and potty. Just remember to clean up any accidents!
    Oh, and most people will tell you that a dog wont lay in their own urine or feces, thats definitely not true. I learned that from experience.
    Good luck!!!

  3. Princess

    I have dogs and l’ve trained them to be in their kennel everytime I leave the house. I also work full time, so I have no choice but to leave them in for the whole 8-9 hour time. I make sure I take them out as soon as I get up to go out to potty, then we come in and I feed them and let them be while I get ready for work. Then I take them out to go potty right before I leave for work. Then I take them out right when I walk through the door from work, because I know they have been in there for a while.

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