When did you start obedience training with your dog? How old should they be? I will be getting an English Bulldog and he will be 20 weeks old. When should I start enrolling him in professional obedience training?


  1. schnauze

    You cannot legally attend an Obedience school or class until the pup has had its final shot at 16 weeks which is very important so usually Start around the 16 week period but you can practice at hoe unless you do not know what to do.If he is 20 weeks old and fully inoculated including kennel cough you can enrol him ASAP but check all the Obedience clubs in your area some are better than others and know what they are doing.You do not need a trainer all you need is how t use the check chain and have full control of your puppy

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    You should be exploring the different training methods that are out there and making plans now. That way when you get your new puppy you can begin training right away. I am a big fan of Youtube videos, or you can do a Google video search for “puppy training”. After you watch a few of those, you’ll know what you want to do. Puppy training actually starts with the basics of potty training.

  3. warrior

    The minute I got them, I started to train them and they trained me about themselves. I am close to 60 years old, so I have owned several friends–not dogs. Dogs can become your best friend; you just need to begin to teach them immediately while you learn your dog, too. Your friend will have a personality as unique as your personality is unique. House training will require you to teach the dog when to go and for you to be availabe for the dog.
    Members of my family have had our friends (dogs) to live from 18 to over 23 years old. Your friend can provide your household with some security with a bark or without hesitating to come between you and an enemy–the most useless dog will do not hesitate to die for you. So, ask yourself first, “How committed am I to having a dog?”
    If you have the space, the place, and the time for a dog: treat yourself to a real friend; if not, don’t make both of your lives miserable.

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    20 weeks is a good age to start. Some people start training their pups from about 8 weeks old. If you have the time you can also try a bit of training on your own. This will be a great bonding time for you and your new addition to the family.

  5. Appy Rider

    Today. Or the day you acquire him so you can learn together. E.BD’s are smart smart dogs that learn quickly.
    Animals are never too young to teach.
    If you wait too long he will begin developing habits that will be harder to reverse.

  6. Rebecca

    As soon as you get him. dogs need training when there young or they will be very difficult to live with. English Bulldogs are kinda hard to train. when we trained our dog there was an english bulldog (Full grown) there and it was horrible. start as soon as you get him.

  7. CJ

    as soon as you get the dog…he needs to know You’re the leader…I started with my dogs right after I got them
    good luck

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