1. BYB get the flock out

    The collar needs to be high up right behind the ears. Take up the slack until the dog is forced to walk in the heel position. Use quick snap and release of the collar to correct, it is not meant to choke.

  2. Chaoscle

    Six foot leash…most of that you don’t use, except for Sit Stays, etc. Enough of the leash needs to be brought up so that you are able to give a quick “jerk and release” with your left hand. (The rest of the leash resides in your right hand.) But in between those “jerk” times, the leash should be loose enough not to be ‘pulling” or leading the dog. Pretty hard to explain on here. Perhaps if you explore youtube?
    And PRAISE when he does it right. It’s mainly about timing.
    It would help if we knew the breed or size of this dog and also his age.
    A choker is FINE to use, under the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.

  3. Mouse

    I personally would not use a choke chain, there are various different collars and harness that would work better. There is one called Gentle Leader that will help if you are having trouble walking your dog. You also can stop turn around and go the other way, if he keeps pulling on the leach, he might realize than if he pulls he gets to go the other way.
    Good luck and try to find a different type collar than what you are using.

  4. bobonump

    ouch well chain i think be loose about neck and when it pulls should be tight enough to restrain and give sign don’t want to choke just message …should work had loose chain so called choker on my lab not to restrain just could not find collar to fit really didn’t use but friends did find it useful and didn’t have to use much depends on the breed good luck hope its short term

  5. Rayven~Summer Troll Patrol

    Because you are trying to train your dog without knowing how to do it properly. Find a trainer to work with you one on one or enroll in a general obedience class.

  6. BYBs tell lies

    because you need to have a trainer show you how to properly fit the collar, how to properly put it on, and how to properly use it.

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