My girlfriend and I are getting two australian shepherd puppies. They will be about 7-10 weeks old and I was wondering how long I would have to wait to start giving them commands to learn like sit, stay, stand etc?


  1. Agility Man

    First, start training right away. Maybe it isn’t sit or stay or stand. But getting them to recognize their names and respond (at least look at you) is something to start on right away.
    I was attending a seminar by a top notch agility competitor and someone asked “how much time a day do you spend training?” and she couldn’t answer it–basically, she viewed EVERY SINGLE MOMENT SPENT WITH THE DOG AS A TRAINING OPPORTUNITY. Set aside some kibble that would normally go into the food dish. And use it to train with.
    Here are some good resources for you about dog training: Patricia McConnell “The Other side of the Leash” or Jack Volhard’s “Dog Training for Dummies.” Also check out Shirley Chong’s website (6 free downloadable dog training lessons) at
    Now, in terms of classes, while you want to do puppy kindergarten as soon as possible, you’ll need to wait until your puppies have had shots. Otherwise, you should take the Chicago voting philosophy to that of dog training: early and often!

  2. Rexydobe

    Puppies take very well to training at this young age, especially Aussies They are very bright and intelligent. Also keep in mind that getting 2 puppies from the same litter takes additional work and commitment. You will need to train them individually as well as together so they become focused and oriented on their human pack and not just bonded with each other. I would definitely do more research about obtaining litter mates. At just 8 weeks of age, I had my Doberman sitting before his meals and doing tasks such as sit,stay and come. The earlier you start the better !

  3. johnctom

    From the day when they can walk, young dogs should be walking properly with their leash. Don’t be surprised if in his first walk, your dog doesn’t not reacts as expected. I will be easy to train them. But you can start it now also. cause it’s almost 7-10 week old. Visit on for some dog products and accessories.

  4. RubYy BabeYy ~♥~

    as soon as they enter your house. show them whats allowed and whats forbidden. Aussies are intelligent, athletic and never give up. so they will figure things out quickly, and they will learn quickly.
    Aussies are my fave.
    have fun with your bundles of joy!!

  5. Twistedx

    At birth. Jump on it. 😛 It will be easiest to start young and be consistent. Check and see how old they have to be for obedience classes, and until then look up tips online to keep yourselves busy in the meantime.
    Have fun! 🙂

  6. Ista

    When you bring them home… have at it! Just remember to keep training sessions short and sweet (to start out… around 5 min.) with plenty of praise for a job well done.

  7. cardimom

    Immediately. That goes for the vet check too. It won’t be too bad herding dogs are quick on the uptake and like to please.

  8. B

    The earlier the better..they’ll get acustomed to the orders and make sure they know who the alpha is..throw some treats in the lessons but remember they’re puppies set a time

  9. woooh!

    Right away, just be short on lessons and end on a happy note. Make learning fun. Don’t over do it with pups that young.

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