Need to find low-cost or free training for large dog / companion belonging to elderly woman who doesn’t have the strength to train him herself. Is there a non-profit organization that provides such services? The dog has cause blood clots and knock the woman down unintentionally and it’s still just a puppy. We’re concerned and they are already attached to one another so there’s no separating them.


  1. mister ed

    give the spca a call — i used to volunteer for them in la and they had folk that offer those services!!!

  2. Shortstu

    Contact a local dog grooming business & they should be able to provide you with the info you seek.

  3. Maw-Maw

    Contact your local SPCA they will know.Or one of the no kill rescue shelters.I hope she doesn’t get seriously injured by the dog.If she would take a water bottle and spray him in his face when he jumps up,it will deter him.A puppy only does what he is allowed to.I had a jumper and thats how I started him out.It works…

  4. abuelama

    Not sure if you have time but to stop a dog from jumping is fairly easy…..When you walk into the room and the pup is happy to see you the pup will jump up turn around fast and say no and then ignore the pup…..When the pup jumps up again do the same say no……Just a few times for maybe three days the pup will stop on command……You could call the senior citizen center maybe you can get a senior to volunteer to help with the puppy….Please do not squirt the dog in the face with water….The dog needs to know it’s name , to sit , to stay , down and to come when called…..Those are very easy and take know time at all to teach a dog….
    Good Luck……

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