I have leather sofa’s one tightly woven rug and thats about all the materials I have in my living room, yet I still find fleas.
I have 2 cats and they’re always passing fleas to each other no matter how much I treat them but I’m amazed to see fleas living even though there’s nothing to live in…!
Please help


  1. x

    Fleas will live in rugs, in living room furniture, or any type of clothing.
    They love dark places…And since they feed on “blood”, they will most likely be in your bedding and closets (Where ever the cat got into).
    They can live “under” the sofa, like in the lining under the couch…(yep, theres cotton under there and material), and in the hidden recesses of the couch (those deep sides).
    Put 7 dust down everywhere, it will kill the fleas and make sure you bathe your cat in a flea dip to kill them on her.
    Also, dust your outside yard with pelletized lime, as it kills the fleas (which are coming “from” the outside into your home), and since they are not on the cat they are going after you and your warm blooded family and friends.
    Vacumned the furniture after three days, and “dispose” of the bag (eggs are in there), then put the 7 dust down again for three more days and vacumned again and toss out the bag again.
    Wash all your clothing in HOT water! This will kill the eggs and fleas, and your bedding too, plus, put your pillows in the dryer for 30 minutes on hot. (This also kills dustmites if your allergic to them, so you get a better sleep). Hampers and towels spaces should also be rewashed as they love cotton to hide in.
    I wish you well…

  2. Just Me

    fleas can live just about anywhere except in direct sun.
    We battled the little turds last year. Treated the house 3 times before getting of them.
    Does your cat have a bed? if so, treat that heavily.
    The best thing I’ve found for my dogs is Frontline Plus, sold at the local veterinarian

  3. Lyness

    Fleas can live in the baseboards and any other nook and cranny–plus that tightly woven rug. I had a flea problem about 15 years ago, but hated the thought of putting an insecticide-laden collar around my cat’s neck. I purchased one that stopped the eggs from maturing. It had an elasticized band so that it would never be too tight. I also sprayed the house–can’t recall what it was, but the pesticide dissipated after several days so I didn’t worry about it hurting my cat. Anyway, it worked.
    Having fleas in your house can be a nightmare. Best of luck.

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