I haven’t been able to find Huppy Puppy brand training pads since Walmart discontinued them a few months ago. They are the best quality I have ever used and are now gone. Any suggestions?


  1. gud ole kuntry boy

    here is info that I found.
    # Charlene Says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 2:13 am
    I sent an email to the manufacturer of Huppy Puppy Training Pads and received a response today. They said that they only had a promotional agreement with Wal-mart and the Buyer won’t order any more. No other store carries them. They are hoping that if they get enough requests that maybe Wal-mart will change their minds and order more. These pads are made in China and this is the manufacturer’s email address: service@capitalfort.net. I also sent an email to Wal-mart requesting they carry them in their local stores.
    May even be your post, I don’t know…lol

  2. Fitz

    Walmart also discontinued the ones I was using as well.
    I contacted the manufacturer, and you should as well. I have no idea why Walmart has a tendency to choose what the public wants, and doesn’t want. You will have the option to buy directly.
    In order to make things easier though, you may want to bite the bullet and use the next best product.

  3. football gifts

    I couldnt find much info online, other than the fact that other people were looking for them as well.
    Many people liked them because they absorbed well, and the dogs didnt seem as keen on tearing them up.
    One option may be to get the washable bed pads to use as pee pads.
    Sorry, I dont know where to get the ones you are wanting.. I looked online and all I could see was others asking where to get them.

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