1. larry

    While “holding a wild species captive” is illegal everywhere, it is traditional among pigeonmongers to gently trap and hold wild pigeons captive long enough to get fertile eggs from known and selected parents, hatched and old enough to raise without those parents, at which time the parents are released. As the fledglings are no longer a “wild species” but have been promoted to Carrier/Racing Pigeon, it is legal to keep them properly. One may assume the “culls” by some selekzia process, may also be used for other purposes. Remember that in human culture, almost everything is some kind of illusion, and Illusion Management is very important in dealing with the whims and prejudices of people in power you will have to get past, even in the most private of personal biological functions, much less livestock management visible to people whose job it is to get in selected people’s way. Take the aerial view of possible worst case scenarios, and build your paradigm for the least possibility of trouble.

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