hi i live in chester county, pa and i need to find a training place for older dogs. My dog is 7 and was a little trained, but wont always sit on command, etc. can anyone help me???????PLZ


  1. ainawgsd

    Any training facility that offers basic obedience classes should welcome your 7 year old dog. Even if your dog has already had some basic obedience, taking another basic class will be a great refresher for him (and you). There’s no sham in it at all…I did basic obedience classes with my dog when I adopted her (at an estimated 2-3 years of age) and she passed just fine. But lack of practice on my part and some issues she brought with her from her past life left me less than satisfied with her behavior and we took another basic obedience class a few years later. At 5-6 years old, she was the oldest dog in her class but she was not the only adult dog. She is now much better behaved and I do not regret re-doing basic obedience at all.
    The Dog Training Club of Chester County (http://www.dtccc.org/) is a good place to start.

  2. karenmar

    To train your dog to sit does he/she like tit bits or chicken what their fav food.
    Hold it above their nose when they are interested hold it further back above their nose say sit.The dog is looking up at the tit-bit with nose in the air but you are holding it further and further back so the dog ends of sitting cause he/she is so interested in getting this that they sit
    Always keep it close to the head./nose

  3. Movie Plots

    Do yourself a favor and IGNORE PetSmart and PetCo stores for this. Sometimes the people and their dogs wandering around the store can be very, very distracting.
    Just because your dog is seven doesn’t mean you need to find a trainer that “specializes” in training older dogs.
    Old dog can and do learn new tricks. Do a little internet search and try to find someone that does group training that is more private than the distracting component of a Petsomething store. In the spring, summer, and fall a lot of these dog trainers will do outdoor sessions. They tend to keep the classes at a smaller number and they tend to have much more extensive experience AND their prices are very, very competitive with the Petsomethings. Just do some “sniffing” around. Trust me !!

  4. cav mom

    look in the phone book under dog training , ask your vet. , some of the large pet stores (petco , petsmart) have training classes . either way you want a good positive training class.

  5. pallen

    I’d call around to some local vets and groomers to ask for recommendations. They usually get feedback from their clients about who the good trainers in town are, so they should be able to point you in the right direction.
    Good luck!

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